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In an interview with AMC's website, David Morrissey, who played the Governor on The Walking Dead, was asked what Sigmund Freud might think about the Governor. It may seem like a random question, but 's wife is reportedly a descendant famous analyst.

Here is what he had to say:

I think an analyst could take a lot of money off the Governor! I don’t think he’s a one session guy,” joked Morrissey. “There’s probably a lot going on there. He seems to have a bit of a megalomaniac side, and I think he’s quite angry at the world, which is giving him quite a lot to be angry about. In that Darwinian way, I think there’s an element of survival of the fittest in The Walking Dead. And sometimes you think about the fittest as someone who can run the fastest, and has the biggest muscles. Of course, the fittest is who can adapt most quickly to their surroundings, and I think that’s what happens with the Governor. He’s able to adapt very quickly to new situations that he finds himself in

His ability to adapt quickly is unquestionable. It seems like only days after he met up with Martinez and his new group that the Governor was again at the helm of the group. There is certainly something very Darwinian about it too as he apparently has no problems murdering people in cold blood if it will get him what he wants. I'm not convinced that it was merely for 'survival' purposes. Revenge had to be numero uno.

(Source: comicbook)


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