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Now, with having long since made the cinematic separation of church and state (i.e. its -themed television shows, and the big screen ) a key tenet of its business plan, many fans have entirely given up hope of seeing the likes of 's or 's on the small screen any time soon. Instead, many have moved their hope-filled eggs to the basket of such heroes arriving on the small screen in shiny new forms, as with 's recent emergence as 's very own take on .

From the sounds of it, though, some of DC's TV stars haven't quite moved on to that particular stage of acceptance yet. Y'see:

David Ramsey Thinks Ben Affleck's Batman Could Cameo In 'Arrow'

Yup, that's right. , a.k.a. 's John Diggle, seems to be fairly determined to see the Dark Knight turn up in 's , preferably in a recognizable cinematic form. As he put it, while discussing Arrow's future with its titular star at a recent Wizard World Q&A (above):

"I think for sure Bruce Wayne [could appear]. Like, I would love to see these two billionaires — well, are you still a billionaire? Math is hard. You should be, you totally should be. I would love to see these two guys at a table together just like "sup Bruce," "sup Oliver," You know what I mean? And duke it out, like no utility belt, no arrows, just hand to hand, man."

To which he soon added, after being asked who he would like to see play Wayne on the show:

"Listen, I would love, honestly? I would love Ben [Affleck] to play Bruce Wayne. Yeah, have him on the show, why not join the universe... That would be dope, just like, how big would that be?"

The big question that raises, though?

Is There Any Realistic Chance Of Ben Affleck Turning Up On 'Arrow'?

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Well, in short? No, not really. After all, for all Ramsey's enthusiasm (and it's difficult to imagine that his tongue isn't at least slightly in his cheek) Warner Bros. has made it very clear that the two universes are going to be kept entirely separate in the immediate future. Add in Affleck's ridiculously busy schedule — and presumably budget-busting salary requirements — and you have a recipe for Diggle disappointment.

Were Arrow to stick around for another five years or so, though, things might just start to loosen up. After all, if the DCEU were to start playing around with the Multiverse in the early 2020s, there's always the chance that a major, pan-medium crossover event could actually happen. It just may not be something we (or Ramsey) should be holding our breath for.

What do you think, though? Would you like to see Ben Affleck's Batman turn up in Arrow? Let us know below!


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