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Though he hasn't had great luck with his own directing career, has been one of the writing masterminds behind the last fifteen years of superhero movies and more (think Blade movies, 's Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and Godzilla).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Goyer's latest gig is directing a new version of The Count of Monte Cristo. Here's what he had to say about it:

During my career I've enjoyed re-invigorating and contextualizing classic characters that are relatable to contemporary audiences... Michael [Robert Johnson] has written an excellent script, and I'm going to enjoy bringing our take of the rich and textured world of Monte Cristo to the big screen.

This comes right before the launch of his new television show Da Vinci's Demons, which starts its run next month. Goyer is obviously keeping busy. The guy is a solid writer, for sure, but all the movies he's directed so far have been pretty mediocre (The Unborn, The Invisible), so I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about this one. Can he cut it?



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