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Sarah Gibson

Listen up, fans of splatter! Word on the street is that 's horror classic Dawn of the Dead is next in line for the 3D treatment!

Speaking to Deadline at Comic-Con, the movie's producer revealed that a 3D Dawn of the Dead is still very much in the pipeline:

We want to get our partners' money back but since no financing came from distribution sources, we're totally free... It is getting the same kind of care, love and attention to detail that went into converting The Titanic.

I usually don't like 3D. But this? Seeing 1978's Dawn of the Dead in a theater? I would watch it standing up, in a theater that smells like pee, with a zombie stabbing me in the spleen with a plastic fork the entire run time. That's how much I want this.

This something you guys are excited about? Let me know in the comments section below.


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