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So far, the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes marketing has focused very closely on the ape-leader, Caeser. Now, thanks to some images from toy company NECA, we can get our first look at the other notables in his gorilla resistance.

Of course, these pictures do not exactly ape how they'll look in the final movie, but they are a good indication. Check out Koba the bonobo and Maurice the orangutan below:

One of the triumphs of Rise of the Planet of the Apes was the way managed to characterize the apes despite their similar appearance and lack of language

For example, Kobo is an ape I don't exactly trust. He showed himself to be quite the aggressive little guy, while his name 'Koba' was also the nickname of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Could Dawn of the Planet of the Apes see him causing friction with Caeser? I'm purely speculating, of course, although it has been hinted at by Wyatt.

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What do you think? Can Koba be trusted? Let us know below.

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