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On the back of Man of Steel's stellar box office success ($620 million and counting,) it's no surprise that Warner Bros. is looking to cash in and move forward with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part One. According to The Hollywood Reporter the studio is also looking to develop more superhero titles, with Aquaman front and center. When DC Entertainment Chief Diane Nelson was asked what titles she would like to see developed for the big screen, her response should get every DC fan excited:

Sandman is right on top. I think it could be as rich as the Harry Potter universe. Fables. Metal Men. Justice League. And yes, I'm going to say it: Aquaman.

We've heard rumors coming out of DC that they were looking to move forward with Aquaman, but this is the first time we've got confirmation from the studio bosses. Developing an Aquaman movie that would then lead into Justice League seems like a good course of action for the studio even though the Aqautic Ace is not as well known as his illustrious DC counterparts. And considering there was the subtlest of nods to the King of Atlantis in Man of Steel, we could be seeing Aquaman kick into production soon.

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