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DC is planning on kicking off its streaming service with a bang after it was announced that the highly anticipated live-action series would launch the service next year. While not much is known about the DC digital site just yet, we can rest assured that more original content will be making its way onto our screens soon.

As of yet, no series — save for the Berlanti-produced Titans and the animated Young Justice — has officially been green lit or is in development for the site. Nevertheless, fan anticipation for the digital service has been high, which has lead many fans to list comic book properties that we'd love see get the TV series treatment. Here are five awesome comic book characters from the opposite ends of 's vast universe that deserve their own series:

1. Nemesis

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Thomas Andrew Tresser may not be as well known a character as Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen, but he's certainly an interesting one. Created by Dan Spiegle and Cary Burkett, the character first debuted in the 1980 issue of The Brave and The Bold. Tresser, or Nemesis, is a super operative for the US Government who is considered a master in deception and disguise. He, of course, also moonlights as a vigilante using his martial arts as his sole weapon.

Tresser's transformation into the Nemesis is tied exclusively to his battle against "The Council," a criminal syndicate who managed to brainwash his brother into murdering a close family friend. Although (with Batman's assistance) he managed to eventually clear his brother's name, he chose the alias Nemesis as a way of keeping his dishonored family name out of the light.

The fact that Nemesis isn't the first name that comes to people's mind when thinking of a possible DC TV series is a good thing, as it allows DC to showcase a lesser-known side of its comic book universe. Netflix's Marvel universe used the same formula to reach who were adult viewers "too cool" to watch superhero shows like DC's Arrowverse.

It also helps that Tom is essentially a James Bond figure (even his main foe is a powerful group of bad guys bent on world domination) and uses his brain to solve problems. On the side of things, Tresser has served as a love interest to and has been part of , so if DC is interested in interlinking its TV world with its movie, Agent Tresser is certainly the way to go.

2. The Question

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

One of the most recognizable characters on this list, The Question, created by Steve Ditko, was introduced to the DC Universe in 1980, 13 years after the character was brought to life by Charlton Comics.

With ties to Hub City (which has frequently been shown in the ) and Richard Dragon (the upcoming foe for the sixth season of the Arrow), Savage could easily fit in the Arrowverse. Although Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim has expressed interest in bringing the character to Arrow, the character would be best suited on a streaming site. The workings of Savage often led him to questionable parts of the DC Universe, which may not fit with the breezy primetime network slot that CW can provide.

There's much to explore about The Question: his Zen philosophy, his investigative endeavors, his role as an anchor of a show, his aversion to technology, his training of student Renee Montoya and, more importantly, his backstory. DC has never truly delved into Savage's life, always leaving him somewhat shrouded in mystery. As Jessica Jones so brilliantly showed, a standalone TV series can work wonders in exploring characters that aren't so well known or have much backstory.

Ditko's character is so well liked that you'd be hard pressed to find a DC fan who doesn't want to see The Question in some sort of live-action adaptation. Now, there's no question that this brilliant character would be a perfect addition to DC's live-action series.

3. Spectre

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

If DC is looking to delve deeper into procedural superhero shows, it has to look no further than its Spectre comics. Spectre is basically "The Spirit of Vengeance" that manifests itself into a being it sees fit to serve justice. What's interesting about this DC property is how easily it can be used to tell a wide range of stories with a multitude of characters.

DC also has the fabulous opportunity to tap into the supernatural side of the universe. Over the course of the comics characters like: Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, Crispus Allen, Madame Xanadu and the "Crimson Avenger" Jill Carlyle, have served as hosts for the immortal spirit. The Spectre's history is so complex that it's hard to explain in a few words and damn near impossible into fit in a 2-hour feature film. The solution to this is a dark (perhaps explicit) supernatural series that DC can use to lure fans of and True Blood. After a failed attempt at launching the character at Fox and NBC (through ), DC should seriously consider giving this avenging soul a chance to shine in its own TV series.

4. Lobo

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

DC's Lobo is perhaps one of the comic book company's most overlooked character. Although Jason Fuchs has been busy writing a script for the intergalactic bounty hunter since March 2016, one has to wonder if the character would be best suited for a 13-episode series. Despite Lobo murdering his entire planet as a "science project," the character has a strict code of honor when it comes to his deals, and while a movie is most likely to either gloss over Lobo's many shortcomings or not fully explore the shady side of this alien, a TV series would definitely provide more room to get inside the head of the Czarnian. It would certainly be interesting to delve into the psyche of a supposed remorseless being and unearth just how human the Lord of Death is.

Just recently, 's Brett Dalton expressed interest in playing the character. Additionally, hinted at the character in its Season 1 standout "Truth, Justice and the American Way." All of this just goes to show the character's ever-growing popularity.

5. Deathstroke

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

The inspiration behind , DC's iconic supervillain Deathstroke could make for a great protagonist in his own series. Although the mercenary started out as a Teen Titans villain, the character has evolved over time to go up against bigger threats, such as Green Arrow and . The master assassin was originally an army vet by the name of Slade Wilson who was chosen for a top secret military operation in which the US Army tried to produce their own metahuman soldiers, giving him super strength. Wilson dons his iconic two-colored mask after his wife shoots him in one eye for letting a villain (Jackal) endanger their son.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

What's cool about Deathstroke is not simply Wilson's association with a plethora of well-known DC figures, but also his personal life, particularly his relationship with his wife, son and daughter, all of which have provided great drama in the comic books (such as in Teen Titans Vol. 1 #12, Vol. 3, or even his arc in Flashpoint). The CW's Green Arrow series used the character as a foe for its excellent second season and has kept him around due to his immense popularity.

Arrow's version shows more of the character's human side, and this has lead many (even Manu Bennet, the actor playing Deathstroke on Arrow) to campaign for a solo series. Looking at Deathstroke's colorful history, one does have to admit that this supervillain could make a really excellent antihero for a good TV series.

It's important to remember that right now there's no news of any upcoming DC TV series for the digital streaming site. Still, we can keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that one of our favorite superheroes ends up gracing the screen.

So, DC fans, who do you want to see get their own TV series? Leave a comment below.


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