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If you thought the Wonder Woman movie was the only way to celebrate the heroine in June, think again. To coincide with the film’s opening weekend, has declared "Wonder Woman Day" for June 3 to honor her 75-year legacy. There are a variety of ways you can honor Wonder Woman's legacy on June 3; here are a few of our suggested methods of celebration!

1. Local Events With Exclusive Readings

Over 2,000 comic book retailers, bookstores and libraries around the world will participate and host events related to the Amazon Princess. DC has collaborated with outlets such as Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, Amazon and more for exclusive promotions. Comic writers who have worked on Diana’s stories, including Greg Rucka, Phil Jimenez, Shea Fontana, Mark Andreyko and Cat Staggs will be involved in events that will be announced soon.

DC will also release two comics for free: Wonder Woman Special Edition #1, which is a reprint of her current series’ first issue by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp. The other, DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special #1 by Shea Fontana, is dedicated to younger readers. And don't forget to look out for DC's digital comic sale centered around her that begins May 30.

2. A Week Of Dedication

Counting down to the main event, award-winning digital series DC All Access will host “Wonder Woman Week” programs from May 29 to June 3. According to what DC has in-store, these segments are a can't-miss:

"The six-day takeover will spotlight essential books, sit down with key talent from the Wonder Woman feature film, and also discuss the iconic character’s legacy with acclaimed comic writers and artists."

Here's hoping our real-life Diana Gal Gadot will make an appearance!

3. The "Lasso Of Truth" Ride At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

An adrenaline-pumping “Lasso of Truth” ride will be unveiled at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Sacramento, California. The sky-high pendulum soars at 70 miles per hour and plunges 15 stories; you'll have to be as fearless as the Amazon herself to conquer this one.

Since Diana's 1941 inception, Wonder Woman has remained an essential being to the comic realm and a role model for fans. A pillar of the DC Universe, Wonder Woman's ardent goal of ensuring peace and justice across the globe easily strikes a chord and inspires us to make that goal our own. It's remarkable that she's received her own celebratory day, and a boost in recognition just in time for her solo film.

If you want to celebrate Wonder Woman day, head over the # for the all info you need — and don't forget to see Wonder Woman in theaters from June 2nd!

How will you celebrate Wonder Woman Day? Share your plans in the comments below!

(Source: DC Comics)


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