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The Teen Titans are finally coming to live-action with Titans, a show that will explore the lives of the young heroes as they try to save the world from an unknown threat. There's still very little we know about the show, but there's one big question fans have been asking since it was announced: Will Titans be connected to the Arrowverse? The CW universe has famously lacked most of the characters in the Teen Titans series, so a lot of comic book faithfuls have been eagerly awaiting an affirmative answer.

While the series will be streamed on DC's brand new streaming app, the has had web series' in the past which made us hold out hope for a possible connection. Now we have a definitive answer on the matter, and there will probably be a lot of fans who aren't happy with the verdict.

Sorry, DC Fans, 'Titans' Is A Completely Separate Entity From The Arrowverse

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Vulture released a report on the DC Extended Universe, discussing the past and future of the franchise with and President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson. After discussing the Arrowverse, Vulture touched on other TV shows based on DC Comics that were part of separate universes, one of them being Titans:

"DC developed a winning strategy on TV, one that presaged their current one for the movies: allowing people to throw a wide variety of approaches at the wall and see what sticks. For example, the Berlanti-produced programs have a shared universe, but 'Gotham,' 'iZombie,' 'Lucifer,' and the upcoming 'Titans' all stand on their own and have wildly different tones from one another."

That's right, folks, not , nor The Flash will be meeting Dick Grayson and his team of superheroes any time soon. This presents an interesting possibility for the show, because it means Titans exists in its own DC Universe with its own versions of the aforementioned heroes. .

Is This The Right Move If The Show Wants To Succeed?

[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]

You may think that people will be flocking to see Titans. It has a group of exciting young heroes in the lead, and it features 's first live-action appearance in decades, so there's no way it could fail, right? Well, that's not necessarily the case. The show has a pretty big factor working against it: Being an exclusive of 's new streaming platform. Following the success of Netflix, different streaming platforms have started to pop up in recent years. Companies like Disney, CBS and now DC Entertainment have been scrambling to get into the game of having a successful online platform for people to subscribe to.

Unfortunately, that creates over-saturation in the market. Look at CBS as a recent example. The network created the CBS All Access app, and it decided to make Star Trek: Discovery its first exclusive. It was a poor marketing move overall, and it showed. Discovery's pilot became one of the most pirated shows of all time. That's not only a big loss for the company, but proof that people aren't interested in having to pay for different streaming services to get different pieces of content strewn across them.

That's the challenge that Titans faces right now. Audiences will really need an incentive to watch the series, and sadly, it doesn't have a reputation built to support it yet. It's DC's first streaming exclusive, so people don't have anything to compare it to, unlike Netflix and its original shows, like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Being tied to the Arrowverse would really help push its appeal; since this is not the case, it's uncertain what to expect in terms of its success.

Of course, Titans' connective status with the Arrowverse could depend on the show's success. DC could reasonably tie the two products if the series doesn't meet expectations. But that's just speculation on my part, and with so little information about the show, it's best to wait for more details. As it stands right now, Robin, Raven and Starfire will be fighting crime in a universe where Barry Allen doesn't ruin the timeline every other Tuesday.

Titans doesn't have a release date yet, but it is expected to drop sometime in 2018.

What do you think about Titans not being connected to the Arrowverse? Do you think they will be ever be tied to the universe? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Vulture]


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