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2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced us to the latest tremendous incarnation of the Dark Knight, with Ben Affleck's portrayal easily one of the highlights of the film. This new Batman is an older, seasoned vigilante, one who's already lost a Robin to the Joker, and actors are queuing up to join this mature Dark Knight on his quest for justice! Enter Nick Theurer, who launched a tremendous petition to take on the role of Nightwing.

Check It Out!

Born in New York but raised in Georgia, Nick Theurer is an athletic actor who co-starred in Jermey Moore's Birdmen. He's no stranger to the film world either; he played major roles in Courtney Amiss's What Defines You, Paul Bray's Sub-Lime and Michael Baldvins's Unearthly Peace. With all this success behind him, though, there's one role Nick Theurer really wants: Nightwing.

In the comics, Nightwing is the superhero alias now used by Dick Grayson, the first Robin. He's a much-loved superhero, known for a very distinctive fighting style — one that, as you'll see in the video, Nick duplicates with skill. This is a remarkably effective pitch, with the fight scenes tremendously choreographed, and it shows just how easily Theurer would adapt to playing the part.

Do We Need Nightwing?

It's pretty clear that the DCEU is becoming increasingly -centric - the Dark Knight is one of the undisputed successes of the franchise to date. Both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad have made it clear that we're dealing with an older Batman, one whose rogues' gallery is already well-developed. Significantly, we saw that the iconic Death in the Family plot — where the Joker killed Jason Todd, the second Robin — has already happened.

That naturally implies that Dick Grayson had moved on, meaning we currently have a Nightwing-sized vacancy in the DCEU. Significantly, Dick Grayson is tied to one of DC's most-loved properties: the Teen Titans. We know that this year's Justice League will introduce us to Ray Fisher's Cyborg, another character who's traditionally associated with the Teen Titans, so things do seem to be heading in a very 'Titan-esque' direction.

Enter Nick Theurer, with his pitch for the role! On top of his action skills, you can check out Nick's showreel here:

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It seems pretty clear that Nightwing will eventually join the DCEU, and Nick Theurer's making a strong pitch. He certainly has just the right combat style, and has proven he can handle some seriously cool fight choreography. Here's hoping that this incredible pitch catches the eye of Warner Bros.!


Do you want Nightwing to enter the DCEU?

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