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In the superhero team stakes, DC's Legends of Tomorrow aren't exactly the Justice League — hell, they're not even the Justice Society of America — but this loveable team of rogues won over many CW fans over the course of their first season last year.

This week saw the return of the Legends to our screens, finding new purpose in protecting the timeline now that the corrupt Time Masters and Vandal Savage are out of the picture. In the first episode alone, the consequences of changing the course of history were explored once again. However, there's one small problem:

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Yes — Barry Allen, everyone's favorite time-space continuum abuser. No mention was made of Flashpoint, the moment when The Flash recently irrevocably altered the timeline forever. This is problematic on many levels, especially when you consider that the Legends one job is to prevent disturbances like this from happening. Why haven't the Legends tried to stop Barry Allen and his one-man crusade to mess up the timeline before? The worst part of all is that this isn't even the first time that The Flash has changed the past.

The Flash Meddles With The Past On The Regular

[Via 9Gag]
[Via 9Gag]

As far back as Season 1, The Flash has explored the concept of time travel and its potentially dangerous consequences. Within CW continuity, Barry's many journeys into the past have created a number of unwanted side-effects, including Joe's torture and the death of Cisco. As if that wasn't bad enough, Season 2 of The Flash also introduced the concept of Time Wraiths: a race of beings who protect the Speed Force and punish those who travel through it recklessly.

While Barry was able to avoid punishment from the Time Wraiths and reverse the majority of these tragic events, some changes were impossible to rectify; a concept which was pushed to its limits in the Season 3 premiere episode Flashpoint. After the follow up episode Paradox aired, the changes to the timeline became even more readily apparent, as Team Flash were fractured and broken, while Diggle's daughter Sara had mysteriously turned into a boy called John over in Arrow.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

After deciding to travel back in time to change the past AGAIN, fellow speedster Jay Garrick smartly brought Barry to his senses, explaining that it's impossible to restore the timeline precisely to the way it was before the Flash saved his mother in the Season 2 finale. As of now, it looks like Barry has finally sworn off meddling with the past for good, although that could all change if the Flash decides to travel back again to change his destiny and become an astronaut or something.

Where Have The Legends Of Tomorrow Been During All Of This?

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Sure, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow are separate shows, but the whole point of the Arrowverse is that the characters all exist in the same universe. So, you can't help but wonder where on earth the Legends were while Barry was off dicking around with the time stream.

Even if Rip Hunter, A TIME MASTER, and Gideon, A SUPER COMPUTER OVERLOOKING ALL OF TIME AND SPACE, somehow overlooked Barry's meddling, surely Professor Martin Stein would have been aware of something amiss. After all, the brainier half of Firestorm is the one who helped the Flash understand his time travel abilities in the first place. Barry may use the Speed Force while the Legends travel through a more typical time stream in the Waverider, the two methods ultimately have the same potentially dangerous consequences.

The sad truth of it all is that the Legends were probably far too busy messing up the timeline themselves to even notice Barry doing the exact same thing. In Season 1, the team regularly showed careless abandon when changing both the past and future, all while Rip Hunter looked on, tutting like a vaguely irritated uncle who still couldn't believe he had to babysit these kids for so long.

Now that the Time Masters are no more, the Legends have taken it upon themselves to protect time in their absence, except Sara Lance is already trying to kill Damien Darhk while getting it off with the Queen of France — and that was just in the first episode!

Everyone's favorite bisexual, time-travelling assassin summed it up best in the Season 2 premiere, telling Rip Hunter that;

Except, you know, there really should be some.

How Can The CW Fix These Glaring Continuity Errors?

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

The Season 2 premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow introduced the idea of time quakes, physical emanations which are caused by aberrations in the time stream that don't belong. By this logic, every single time Barry decided to mess with the timeline should have caused a similar effect, yet this appears to be the first time that this phenomena has appeared in the Arrowverse.

In order for the CW to fix these glaring continuity errors, the Legends of Tomorrow will need to seek out The Flash at some point and put a stop to his shenanigans, hopefully through some misunderstanding that starts out as a fight, but ends in an alliance, because, comics.

Check out the preview for the second Legends of Tomorrow episode below:

Ideally, the Legends of Tomorrow should have been the ones who spoke to Barry in the second episode of Season 3, instead of Jay Garrick, but the show runners obviously had to give John Wesley Shipp something to do still. This oversight could still be potentially rectified though if Barry's time meddling is addressed in the upcoming 4 way crossover between each of the CW's superhero shows, resulting in some kind of confrontation between The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow.

See also:

We're not asking for fisticuffs exactly. Even some kind of throwaway comment could help wrap this issue up, although we'd certainly love to see the likes of Atom, Firestorm and White Canary take on the Scarlet Speedster in some kind of epic battle that spans different periods in time. In the meantime though, the Flash has supposedly given up his time meddling antics, although we're still not convinced that he'll be able to hold out for a whole season before popping back into the Speed Force for another journey into the past, Aaliyah-style.


Should The Legends of Tomorrow make The Flash pay for meddling with the time stream?


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