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We live in a golden age of superhero movies. As filmmaker Kevin Smith often says on his YouTube Channel, “They are doing the Lord’s work.” Depending on the superhero, movie studios can craft an exquisite genre picture not simply drummed up for the superhero crowd. Ant-Man was a pretty decent heist movie. Thor: Ragnarok is being promoted as a buddy road trip flick.

Given that we are in the month of All Hallows' Eve, I made up a list of superheroes that would make excellent horror flicks.

5. Ragman

Art by Stephen Segovia
Art by Stephen Segovia

Rory Regan is the Ragman. He wears a suit that has the ability to absorb the souls of evildoers. Each time he absorbs a soul, a new patch is added to his suit. He can call on the abilities of the souls that he has absorbed, however this can be a hindrance as well. The souls that Ragman had absorbed desired to do evil and caused physical pain to Ragman until they were released.

Ragman would look a lot like a traditional superhero film to be sure. A costumed vigilante runs around fighting crime, but I think this could be could be an opportunity to do an anthology movie featuring small vignettes of interconnecting characters. Each small story would feature someone in need of punishment from Ragman. The final story could involve the man responsible for the death of Ragman’s father, which caused him to don the enchanted costume in the first place.

4. The Spectre

Art By Tom Mandrake
Art By Tom Mandrake

Jim Corrigan was a cop on his way to his fiancée’s house when he was kidnapped by some lowlifes, stuffed into a barrel filled with cement and tossed into a river. His soul went on to Heaven, but was denied access by "the Voice," later named the actual presence of God. He returns to earth to seeking vengeance on the criminals who murdered him.

The Spectre is one of the few religious superheroes. Being known as the right hand of God will do that to you. His sense of vengeance is screaming to be put on the big screen. He finds evildoers and dispenses an ironic (and often times) thought-provoking punishment for them to suffer for all eternity. He once threatened to kill the entire state of New York if they didn’t release a wrongfully accused man from the death penalty. The Spectre would work great as a Crow-style film. Jim Corrigan returns from the grave to take vengeance on those who took him from his beloved.

3. Deadman

Art by Neal Adams
Art by Neal Adams

Boston Brand was a circus trapeze artist who was murdered during his act. His stage show featured Boston playing the role of “Deadman,” which required him to wear a flamboyant red suit and white corpse makeup. Since this was his attire when he died that is what he must wear in the afterlife. Now a ghost sent back to the world by Rama Kushna, Boston seeks his murderer’s identity.

Boston cannot be seen by anyone and can only interact by possessing other people. During his investigation, Deadman finds that the one who actually killed him only did it as an initiation for a society of contract killers. With a cabal of murderers and a spirit with a mission and the ability to possess anyone, this horror flick pretty much writes itself.

2. Green Lantern

Art by Ethan Van Sciver
Art by Ethan Van Sciver

The Green Lantern Corp is a squadron of space police charged with protecting the entire universe split up into 3600 sectors. It’s the perfect setting for a great sci-fi flick to be sure, however their greatest weakness is the power of fear. Their greatest enemies are literally fear personified, with Sinestro and his Yellow Lantern Corp.

This movie could feature Hal Jordan getting bombarded by Sinestro and a few other of his corps members trying to break him by featuring some of the scariest visuals ever conjured by filmmakers.

They could even go with one of the lesser-known Lanterns out in space, which offers it’s own terrifying set of obstacles to deal with. Perhaps it’s a new recruit and to test his mettle the Guardians of the Universe send him on what they claim is a routine mission, only it leads directly to Sinestro. Sinestro, being a former Green Lantern trainer, would resume that position in an unofficial capacity by exposing them to everything in his arsenal.

1. Batman

Art by David Mazzucchelli
Art by David Mazzucchelli

We all know Batman as caped crusader, doling out justice with his keen detective mind and his well-trained fists. But what do criminals think about him? He only dresses up like a bat to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Here is an opportunity where we can see how effective that tactic can be.

It could start off in a warehouse where the mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped. Batman must break in without being noticed, subdue each of the criminals without alerting the others. He could attack each of them from the shadows all intertwined with flashbacks of each one of the gang members, showing how they lead to a life of crime and why they deserve justice.

And of course, we'd want to see yet another depiction of how the Wayne family met their demise:

Which of these DC characters do you think would translate best into a horror movie?

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