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When Arrow first started in 2012, no one suspected that this would be the start of a universe. The show was originally hyped as realistic and grounded, but by the end of the first season, that realism was slowly chipped away. The announcement that Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, would appear in the second season was the first true sign of a shared universe.

Now in 2016, there are four DC superhero shows on The CW: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Though Supergirl inhabits a different universe than the other three shows, it was established in her first season that it is a relatively easy process for someone like The Flash to visit her. So it was no surprise that a four-way crossover was announced for the winter of 2016.

Previous seasons always featured a crossover between The Flash and Arrow, but that was just two shows. Four series was a whole new area to explore and something unprecedented. But the creative team behind all of the shows had earned the trust of fans and it was exciting to see how the heroes would link up to face a threat unexpected to most of them: an alien invasion.

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Here are our 15 favorite moments from the crossover.

15. Getting Supergirl

Though Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 "Medusa" was only tangentially connected to the overall crossover, it still served as a great appetizer. Throughout the episode, one of the interdimensional wormholes frequently appeared in Supergirl's home. By the end of the episode, the people responsible for the wormhole finally made their way through — and it was none other than Cisco Ramon and Barry Allen.

Barry and Kara were quickly reunited before getting down to business as to why he was there, and Kara wasting no time replying she was down to fight with him.

14. Meet The Dominators

The first official part of the crossover wasted no time as the alien spacecraft crashed into Central City, with The Flash quick to respond. It was clear that it was something that was not human- or metahuman-related. The Flash was quickly bombarded after the ship opened and a barrage of aliens raced out. In complete shock, Barry knew that this was something that he had not seen before or was expecting.

They are very similar to their comic book counterparts. Sure, the yellow is toned down, but their lanky bodies, sharp teeth and red circle on their foreheads remain. If you were familiar with The Dominators before, you certainly would recognize them when they appear throughout this crossover.

13. Getting The Band Together

After being informed by Lyla, the head of ARGUS and also John Diggle's wife, about the situation with The Dominators, Barry knew that he could not face this threat alone. He raced to Star City and saved Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and John Diggle/Spartan from their latest encounter with Vigilante, informing them of the situation.

Felicity was on board, as well as the retired Thea Queen, who couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet aliens.

Oliver and Felicity informed Barry about The Legends and how they would be useful in the upcoming skirmish. A beacon was sent out, which was shown at the very end of the latest episode of . It is easy to forget that while most of the main cast of these shows have known that a group of their allies was off traveling through time, they have never actually witnessed or been in contact with them for months.

Finally, Barry informed the group about how this isn't the first alien he's encountered. He and Cisco figure out that resides on Earth-38 and create a wormhole to her universe, which was shown on her latest episode.

12. Introducing Supergirl

With most of the heroes assembled by the time they return from Supergirl's Earth, the Girl of Steel is not what they expected when they were informed that Barry knew an alien. Immediately skeptical of what she could do — and if she was in fact an alien — the heroes wanted to know for sure. She flew into the air and used her heat vision to burn her sigil into the ground, immediately quelling any doubts about who she was.

11. Training Session

Since Supergirl is the only alien they know, the team decided to run training exercises with her. Though never seeing the actual exercises, we do see just how powerful Supergirl is. It is easy to forget that in her own show, Supergirl mostly fights other aliens/metahumans/super geniuses who are just as dangerous and powerful as she is.

So, when we see her during this crossover, nothing that the heroes throw at her seemingly affects her — not even Firestorm, who is probably the most powerful hero other than The Flash.

10. Secrets Revealed

Earlier in the season of Legends of Tomorrow, Jax and Stein (together they are Firestorm) stumbled upon a secret message left by an older Barry Allen. The message was not heard, but it was finally revealed as to what it was. Barry Allen was informing the MIA Legends founder Rip Hunter about how he messed with the timeline and could not be trusted. Cisco, who has had a tense relationship with Barry due to the latter's events in Flashpoint, calls him out and forces him to tell his secret: How Diggle's son was once a daughter, and how Cisco's brother is now deceased, about Stein having a daughter (though it is ambiguous if this is due to Barry or the actions of the Legends).

Barry was elected the leader of this mission, but now everyone's trust (except for Supergirl and Green Arrow) is tarnished.

9. Supergirl And Heat Wave

What happens when you mix an alien who is a beacon of hope with a pyromaniac? Heat Wave was not impressed with Supergirl. She was not sure of what to make of him, immediately showing her just what kind of person he was and calling her "Skirt," as the title Supergirl was deemed "stupid."

Things quickly took a big turn as the heroes were lured into a trap and quickly brainwashed, not before Heat Wave calling out to Supergirl for help before they all succumbed to the effects of the Dominators.

8. Flash And Green Arrow Vs. Everyone Else

The Flash felt the need to not join the others after his actions were revealed. Green Arrow also decided to stay back in support of his friend. The two bonded before being alerted to an attack outside, rushing to see that it was none other than their friends who were under the control of the Dominators.

Breaking off into pairs, Green Arrow would take the non metahumans while The Flash took on Firestorm, Supergirl and The Atom.

Green Arrow and Flash were able to even the tide a bit, with some help from Wally West. The Flash took out Firestorm and the Atom almost immediately, but Supergirl was always going to be the last person standing — he lured his friend to where the mind control device was and tricked her into destroying it, thus freeing everyone from their control.

7. Taken

All of the heroes (minus Supergirl, who was scouting the city) gathered around to discuss their next course of action. They forgave Barry for his actions, but the joy would not last, because members were quickly being taken away. The Atom, White Canary, Speedy, Spartan and finally Green Arrow were teleported out of the area with The Flash failing to get to Green Arrow in time, thus ending the first part of the Invasion! crossover.

6. It's A Wonderful Life, Oliver Queen

In a not-so-subtle way of getting all the characters who originated on Arrow together for the 100th episode, they were all the ones abducted. When we find them in the second part of the crossover, they are all living varied lives. Oliver is about to be wed to Dinah Laurel Lance, who died last year on Arrow; Ray Palmer is engaged to Felicity; Diggle is the Hood (as Green Arrow was referred to in the first season); Sara's father is still Captain of the police and not an alcoholic; Oliver and Thea's parents are also alive.

However, they are all quickly reminded that this is not their life. That what they are experiencing is just a simulation of some sort.

Welcome back Laurel
Welcome back Laurel

Though the second part of the Invasion! crossover, as mentioned before, it is the 100th episode of Arrow as well. So while it fed into the crossover, it was much more about celebrating the past and present of Arrow. Cast members who have not been seen since the first season such as Jamie Sheridan as Robert Queen returned. Though actors such as Manu Bennett, Colton Haynes and Colin Donnell could not reprise their roles as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Roy Harper or Tommy Merlyn, they were all represented in a way to show that they were not forgotten about and were very much important to the success of the show.

Saying goodbye to the past
Saying goodbye to the past

5. Facing Your Demons

When the cast of Arrow are trying to escape from their simulation, they are confronted by a group of familiar faces: Macolm Merlyn, Deathstroke and Damien Darhk. These are the big bads of the previous seasons of Arrow and also have a personal connection to the main heroes. Merlyn is the biological father of Thea and has a volatile relationship with his daughter. Deathstroke is the man who arguably made Oliver Queen into who he is today. Darhk is the murderer of Sara's sister, Laurel.

It was a nice visual to see our heroes face off against these villains once again, even if it was a simulation.

4. Meeting The New Recruits

Supergirl and The Flash played a small role in the Arrow portion of the crossover. They met Oliver's new team and though they were met with a mostly warm welcome, there was one holdout: Wild Dog, the most volatile of the new recruits, and that did not change here as he made it clear that he thought that metahumans/aliens/anyone not a normal human was "evil."

The two, while bothered by it, took it in stride as they have a reason for being there and will not let pettiness distract them from it.

But once Wild Dog needs their help, his tune quickly changes. Though a bit out of sync with everything going on, it was a good reminder to see how the ordinary world reacts to the now-changed world. As mentioned frequently within the crossover, the world was "normal" until Barry Allen became The Flash. Now there are metahumans, aliens, time travel, alternate universes, magic and who knows what else.

3. Back To The Past

Aware that they know next-to-nothing about the Dominators, the united heroes figure that the best place to learn about them in the past. In previous parts of the crossover it was revealed that the Dominators visited Earth in the '50s. So this is where The Legends come in along with Felicity and Cisco. The plan? To kidnap a Dominator. That is easier said than done.

Citizen Steel and Vixen have mostly sat out the other episodes of the crossover, so this was there chance to shine. Through this and events in the present, we learn of a major government conspiracy that knows about aliens and is implied to know all of the heroes' identities as well. Also Cisco comes to terms with Barry's actions in Flashpoint as he witnesses first-hand the effects of time travel and just how delicate things are.

2. All Star Team-Up

With their plan to stop The Dominators in full effect, it is time for the assembled heroes to make their stand. There is something special about seeing the first major crossover across all of the DC shows on The CW. All of the heroes get their moments within the battle, and there are even moments of the heroes combining their abilities to help one another out.

1. Celebration

So what do the heroes do after winning the day? Well, first they're praised by the new president in front of the world. We might never get a Justice League in this universe, but this should be a familiar image to comic book fans. Other than Supergirl on her own show, it's not exactly clear how well-known these superheroes are. It's clear now that they will be faces — and a force to be reckoned with in the future.

But in private, all of the heroes are out of costume and drinking celebratory champagne with one another. Earlier, Oliver expressed resentment towards Supergirl due to not understanding her. After she saved his life during the big fight, his tune completely changed on her. Cisco also presents Kara with a gift: a portable dimension-hopping device link between her world and the Arrowverse. After all of the goodbyes, it is simply just Oliver and Barry by themselves, and they decide to do something they've never actually done before.

Seeing the main heroes of the Arrowverse just sitting down and having a drink with one another was a nice way to end the crossover. Arrow started this universe and The Flash helped expand it in unprecedented ways that were not imaginable during Arrow's first season.

So now with the four-part crossover finished, seeing the two enjoying one another's company was a sight to behold. Plus we learn who won their secret sparring match that happened in the first crossover two years ago.

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