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How do you guys feels about Aquaman? He's definitely had a strong presence for over 70 years, he's still slaying the comic world, and he's got some pretty strong video game appearances under his fishy belt. However, a movie adaptation has never taken off, mostly due to the fact that it's hard to get this out of people's minds:

Even though he's been the target of fan made trailers making fun of his powers, we've talked about how Man of Steel actually sets up Aquaman and how there have been rumors for a while that Warner Bros. is planning an Aquaman movie ASAP.

Now, Variety is reporting that DC wants an Aquaman relevant again. Sure, he might not sell as well as the X-Men or Batman, but he's still selling more comics than Nightwing and Hawkeye. "He's a priority character for the company," says DC Entertainment's chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

DC is also working on developing plot lines, villains, and ways to have him cross over into Justice League Part One in bigger ways. I know you guys have had really strong feelings about Aquaman in the past, but I'm curious: Do you think people are underestimating his popularity? Does DC need to revamp his image? Overall, it's an interesting read. You can take a look at the source.

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