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When you're walking down the street, how often have you seen someone with the iconic Superman crest or bat symbol on their T-shirt? From Batman to Aquaman, many generations have been inspired by the Justice League. Whether on the big or small screen (or on both, in some cases!), these actors and actresses have very big shoes to fill, thanks to to their comic counterparts. Although their acting skills may be amazing, we cannot help but judge their suits too. So I've scoured the planets and universes and ranked the top 10 greatest DC costumes from the DCEU and DCTV universes. From worst to best, let's see who soared to victory — and who deserves a call from the fashion police:

10) Cyborg

Comicvine/ Warner Bros
Comicvine/ Warner Bros

Just making it on the list is Justice League's Cyborg. His appearance is pretty impressive, even if it's not really comic accurate. What really stands out is the fact that Cyborg's blue additions have been swapped for red ones. We weren't asking for much, just blue lights!

9) Aquaman

The modern Aquaman look really does have a Khal Drogo feel to it, which you'd expect, given the casting. However, it isn't all that comic accurate. In Aquaman's few live-action appearances Arthur Curry has always worn his distinguishing green and orange. Justice League's Aquaman still wears the scale pattern across his arms in the form of armour and tattoos — but apart from that, the detail of the original suit has been lost.

8) Superman

Action comics /  Comicvine
Action comics / Comicvine

Don't be so shocked to see Henry Cavill's Superman so low on this list. Although his modern look is pretty epic (and he finally lost the underpants!), the look isn't very comic faithful. I mean, they even lost Clark's signature curl! It's fine to lose the underpants, but the curl is a must. If we were talking about Branden Routh's Superman, he'd be much higher on the list...

7) Green Arrow

Comic Vine / Pintrest
Comic Vine / Pintrest

In both the comics and The CW show, the emerald archer is the sworn protector of his city (using an arsenal of arrows which would make even Katniss Everdeen jealous). His costume in the show is pretty similar to the original, but it has gone through some changes. Stephen Amell's TV outfit is pretty much spot-on with the modern comic book illustration, from the hood to the mask (when he finally decides to wear one). It is when we compare him to the classic Green Arrow that the big changes show. Whereas in the comics, the Green Arrow wore a hat (a reference to the classic green archer Robin Hood), it's totally absent on Arrow. I can imagine why directors opted to loose it, however, as it doesn't really fit in with the darker and more modern CW show.

6) The Flash (DCTV)

DC Comics /  CW
DC Comics / CW

One of the many problems of having two different actors portraying the same character is that you have to rank each one individually. Although Grant Gustin looks more like the comic Barry Allen than Ezra Miller, the suit he wears in the show has been changed from that of his comic book counterpart. Opting for a darker shade of red and adjusting the lightning markings doesn't make his suit very comic accurate —but we still love The Flash, no matter what he wears!

5) Martian Manhunter

tvtropes/ CBS
tvtropes/ CBS

Martian Manhunter finally made his live-action debut on Supergirl a few months back and he's really rocking the green skin. Being a shapeshifter, Martian Manhunter has gone through quite a number of transformations, and the suit he wears in Supergirl really does use the best aspects of each one. The costume designers chose to lose the cape but keep the iconic red markings on his chest.

4) The Flash (DCEU)

Injustice /  Warner Bros
Injustice / Warner Bros

Though the Justice League costume may not be exactly comic accurate, you have to admit it's pretty epic. Director Zack Snyder have also hinted that the Flash in the Justice League may undergo another costume change in the movie. I'm willing to bet that Ezra Miller's Flash will look even more like Flash from Injustice in the finished product!

3) Batman

DC Comics / Warner Bros
DC Comics / Warner Bros

Contrary to popular belief, Ben Affleck's outfit is pretty sleek and comic accurate (as long as you don't mind the ditching of the underpants). Some hardcore comic fans may not agree with Batman coming third on this list, saying that he isn't really that comic accurate. However ,his appearance is inspired by the 1986 miniseries The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, and is a faithful interpretation of that suit. Draped in black and grey, this Batman surely is the Dark Knight Gotham needs.

2) Wonder Woman

Warner Bros / Comicvine
Warner Bros / Comicvine

Coming in an extremely close second is none other then the amazing amazon princess, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot's version has lost the gold stars and is clad in more modern warrior gear, which looks fantastic. Seeing the two next to each other (see above), all Gadot is missing is the cape — apart from that, it's perfect!

1) Supergirl

Comicvine / CBS
Comicvine / CBS

The all-time winner for me is definitely be Supergirl. Like most of the heroes on this list, Supergirl has gone through quite a few costume changes (which TV Supergirl mimicked- see the video below). However, her TV costume strongly echoes one of her iconic looks from the comics; it very strongly resembles her cousin Superman's outfit, expect she's swapped the red pants for a skirt. Melissa Benoist really does manage to pull of the boots and capes: it's like she was born to play Supergirl!

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