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Batman will unite the seven on November 17th, 2017. As expected, the internet is already inundated with theories about the movie's characters and plot. We already know Wonder Woman is on board to fight, Aquaman digs Batman's suit and the Flash's wit is faster than ever. Cyborg will round off the initial five characters but it looks like we'll have to wait for the movie to get a look at Superman and Green Lantern.

That said, few people are talking about the iconic weapons at play in this movie. And we are literally talking about weapons with Earth-shattering power. Some of them are technological marvels harnessing multi-dimensional forces, others were forged by gods and imbued with magical powers. But one thing is certain: all of them have been legendary icons within the Universe for decades.

5. Wonder Woman's Bracelets Of Submission

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Wonder Woman's bracelets have gone through a lot of incarnations. While they are most famous for their ability to deflect bullets, Adamantium-level invulnerability only scratches the surface of their true potential. Before discussing the raw power these bracelets contain, it is important to discuss their history.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston. He strongly believed the only way men could stop waging war is if women ruled the Earth. He believed peace can only be achieved through loving submission and the emotional balance displayed by humanity's better half. Wonder Woman's Bracelets are an allegory for that submission, as love can deflect any element of war. On the flip side, William was also a known fetishist. He tied elements of bondage into the character and Bracelets. In 's early days, when her bracelets were chained together she would lose all her power and become a submissive captive.

Fast forward to Wonder Woman Issue #34, where it is revealed that Diana is a Demi-Goddess. We also learn her Bracelets were forged from Aegis, the legendary shield of Zeus himself. Shortly after, she begins harnessing their full power, which includes energy absorption and force field generation. But the most impressive display of power is seen in Wonder Woman Issue #219, where she slams her bracelets together while battling Superman. The resultant shockwave bursts Superman's eardrums, rendering him temporarily deaf.

4. Apokoliptian Mother Boxes

Mother Box Displayed at 2017 Comic-Con [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Mother Box Displayed at 2017 Comic-Con [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Mother Boxes were invented by Himon of Apokolips. While they are primarily used for summoning boom tubes, they are essentially supercomputers with a wide range of uses including:

  • Energy manipulation
  • Force Field creation
  • Fire Manipulation
  • Emotion Control
  • Matter transmutation
  • Illusion casting
  • Telekinesis

The raw power generated and manipulated by these supercomputers requires a mysterious and rare material known only as "Element X." They can only be built by 4th dimensional beings, due to the quantum extra-dimensional energies they harness. The important factor to consider in the upcoming movie is their inherent link to each other. While they can access seemingly limitless inter-dimensional energies, their ability to channel that power is greater when combined. This is likely why Steppenwolf attempts to retrieve all three of Earth's Mother Boxes before mounting a full invasion.

3. Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune

Aquaman with Trident [Credit: DC Comics]
Aquaman with Trident [Credit: DC Comics]

The 2017 Justice League SDCC trailer showed an exciting glimpse of Aquaman using his trident to stop a tidal wave in its tracks. The moment is reminiscent of LOTR's famous scene where Gandalf slams his staff to the ground screaming "You shall not pass!" In one moment we grasp the true power of Aquaman's trademark weapon.

Magical in nature, the Trident was created by the God Neptune. The Trident has been used to create tidal waves, control weather and generate vast whirlpools in the ocean. It is basically a tool to control the element of water. As such, it has been passed down through the ages to each reigning King of Atlantis.

Interestingly, we have seen additional powers from the Trident which seem less conducive (pun intended) to a tool that manipulates water. For example, it harnesses electrical energy and can discharge lightning bolts. Needless to say, this weapon will be instrumental to Aquaman's character in the movie.

2. Steppenwolf's Electro-Axe

Steppenwolf's Electro-Ax in 'Justice League' Trailer [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Steppenwolf's Electro-Ax in 'Justice League' Trailer [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The third Justice League trailer shows Steppenwolf slicing the Earth open with a single blow from his Electro-Axe, leaving a lava-filled fissure in its wake — that's what I call Earth-shattering power. The trailer also provides a glimpse of the Axe going up against Diana's Bracelets. The scene will undoubtedly answer an age old question, "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?"

In DC Lore, the Axe also releases immensely powerful Radion energy bolts. These bolts are even lethal to members of Steppenwolf's race, The New Gods. They are toxic and generate a sustained explosive after effect when released, hence the scorched Earth look they leave behind. Only a few beings have been able to withstand a direct hit from the Axe, Superman is one such being and it seems we will soon learn whether Wonder Woman can stand up to its otherworldly power.

1. Cyborg's Armor And Circuitry

Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]
Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]

Cyborg is a true hero through and through. We naturally think of his armor as an extension of him, but make no mistake, it is a vastly powerful weapon. Remember, his armor is essentially a Mother Box which fused itself to his body. The armor is nearly indestructible with an Element X core and when breached or broken, it can repair itself. It also imbues Cyborg with superhuman strength, speed and the ability to fly.

But the powers above aren't what sets Cyborg apart from your average hero, it's his technological capabilities. Being a supercomputer, his armor's circuitry has linked itself to Victor Stone's mind, augmenting his intellect to superhuman levels. It has literally turned him into a techno-morph. He can interface with virtually any technology in existence, and more importantly, he can control or assimilate it into his own circuitry.

Unite The 7

You may notice the lack of reference to Green Lantern's ring in the above list and you can't unite the 7 without the League's last founding member. While there will be a Green Lantern presence, we won't likely see much Emerald action until the Green Lantern Corps (2020) release. That said, introducing the Corps in a new light is paramount to the 's future plans after the Green Lantern (2011) debacle.

Warner Bros. might still be playing catch-up to Marvel's Cinematic Universe on the galactic front, but they expect to change all of that with the upcoming Justice League release. Steppenwolf's army opens the door to DC's extended universe, ripe with alien beings, technologically advanced planets and a galactic police force. The introduction of Apokolipitian technology might also pave the way for Wayne Enterprises to build the Justice League Satellite seen in DC Comics.


Preparing for a much larger DCEU, which weapon or artifact do you most want to see referenced in the 'Justice League' movie?

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