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Gambling Man has been announced. Its a biopic following the life of the biggest casino executive that you have never heard of. His name is Gary Green and the movie will star Taxi Driver legend Robert De Niro. Possibly. Maybe. Probably not.

The production company behind Gambling Man, Borsalino Films (whose only other title in development is a movie named "Nazi Zombies"), recently secured the rights to Gary Green's memoirs. On the first line of their press release, they announced they are considering the legend that is "amongst others" to play the leading role.

You could be forgiven for not knowing who Gary Green is, hell he doesn't even have a Wikipedia article at the time this was published. However, let me refer you to Green's (self-made) website:

"Known in many circles and cross disciplines for his business analytics, emerging technologies, risk intelligence, organizational, financial & operational performance, and legendary marketing excellence... He was once known as one of America's most intense folk singers and rock poets. He was identified as a civil rights and union organizer and advocate of Native American rights. But first he was an award-winning journalist. Then later a pioneer of the dot-com era. Then some identified Gary Green as one of the country's leading casino executives..."

The biography sounds as airy as my CV, but that saying that could be harsh - Gary Green might be the biggest and best jack-of-all-trades the world has seen. He probably was also an astronaut, possibly. He might have taken Astrophysics 101 at college and its kind of the same thing.

Basically, this is a lesson on how to generate some hype around a movie that is going to be hard to lift off the ground. Just grab a Hollywood star as a possible leading role, call your film an epic, worry about directors and screenwriters later - brilliant. But hey, who knows - I could be swallowing my words in a couple of years time when de Niro is nominated for an Academy Award playing the enigmatic casino tycoon. Crazier things have happened.

But why stop there? I'm a tall, blond awkward man - I would love to have a film about me, though it would be largely uninteresting; just mainly montages of me falling over and drinking milk. But when the time comes, and I have decided that I need to bring my presence to the silver screen, I know exactly what to do to hype my non-existent movie.

Hey , I'm looking at you.


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