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Things got a tad too real on the set of an upcoming BBC serial killer drama after filming was halted following the grisly discovery of a real corpse. The series, titled Rellik, had been about to start filming on location at London's Cambridge Heath Park when police informed the crew that a body was found.

Rellik actor Paterson Joseph (The Beach, Timeless) spoke to the Mirror about the strange turn of events, saying:

"The crew ­arrived to film their own dead body and the ­police told them they weren’t able to, because they’d found a real dead body. It was bizarre, fact being stranger than fiction."

But while the discovery of the body was certainly a gruesome coincidence, it turns out it's not the first time that something in real life has seemingly copied the events of . Joseph explained:

"There were a lot of strange coincidences. Richard [Dormer], who plays our main character, getting impetigo and his face being covered in blotches and blemishes. He got the same reaction as his actual character, who’s been scarred in an acid attack. We found that odd.

Then there was the acid attacks which happened at the same time as we were filming ours. It’s a strange show when it brings out these coincidences."

Despite these coincidences, thankfully it appears as though no further bad news has plagued the production. And in good news, the series debuted its first episode on September 11 to 3.6 million viewers.

Rellik — which is the word "killer" backwards — is a serial killer thriller told in reverse. Described by Joseph as "fast paced, dark and quite bloody," the series will reveal the truth about a spate of murders as Detective Chief Inspector Gabriel Markham (played by Game of Thrones' Richard Dormer) pursues a dangerous murderer.

(Source: Mirror)


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