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How to Get Away With Murder is only four episodes into its third season and they've wasted no time in killing off main characters and increasing the stakes of the show. In the premiere we witnessed Annalise's arrest in front of her burning house, as a dead body was taken from the fire and loaded into an ambulance. Each episode has since jumped forward to this point in the future and revealed another character to be alive, but the big question is: Who died in the fire? Be prepared for spoilers!

So Who Has Been Confirmed To Be Alive So Far?

Let's start off with who is confirmed alive, who's been seen after the burning house and Annalise's arrest, and how they fit into this season's story.

Annalise Keating

Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis is the show's lead and one of its producers so it seems unlikely she would ever be killed off, unless they decide to get all Game of Thrones up in the show and throw character security out the window.

In the beginning of the season she's seen approaching the burning house screaming at the gruesome scene. When the body is rolled out and covered she rushes over and insists on seeing who it was that had been killed. She sees the body (but we don't) and falls onto the ground screaming and crying, but she's immediately arrested. It's unclear if Annalise is actually surprised by the dead body, or if it's a massive cover up and she's somehow responsible for the death. With the complexity of the show, and Annalise in particular, it seems very likely that something fishy is up.

Yeah, that promo for this week's episode definitely isn't doing her any favors, either.

Oliver Hampton

Oliver is a fan favorite so it was a huge relief when we saw him break through the crowd attempting to get to the scene and Annalise. When he does get to her she slips him her phone and tells him to wipe it clean, right before she's arrested. It just goes to prove that she's obviously hiding something. Oliver does as she says right away and comes back immediately, dropping her phone by the ambulance so the police can find it and assume that Annalise must have dropped it. Just as he does he hears the firemen yell that they've found another body, but this one has a pulse.

Bonnie Winterbottom

As Oliver returns to the scene to plant the cell phone, Bonnie finds him and asks if he's done his job. He told her he has, and the two hear the firemen yell they've found a second body in the fire. As the two reach the hospital and beg to be allowed in to see who it is, the medical staff refuse for confidentiality reasons.

Meggy Travers

Meggy is a newcomer to the show this season as her character has become a love interest for Wes. Up until the end of the fourth episode of the season, Meggy's death was largely speculated on among fans. In the third episode Wes had been invited to move in with Annalise, but refused. If he goes down the road it's likely that he and Meggy would spend much time there, and as a newcomer to the show it seemed likely her death would only add to the many tragic deaths in Wes' life. However, she's alive and knows the identity of the survivor as she walked into the patient's hospital room.

Laurel Castillo

Laurel is one of the main characters, and has been in the center of the action since the very beginning of the show. It was another huge relief when fans saw her in this week's episode alive in the hospital. We can't say she's going to make it yet, however, as we heard the nurses request for a doctor from plastics as well as mention how much smoke she's inhaled. If she does survive, her recovery will be brutal.

It's unknown why Laurel was in the house when it caught fire, but as her story this season has to do with runaway boyfriend Frank it's likely these two stories will connect as we move closer to the flash forward of the house burning.

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So Who Could the Dead Body Be?

We know for certain at least one body is pulled from the fire and pronounced dead on scene. Annalise saw the body, cried out as she fell to the ground, but then was able to collect herself long enough to give Oliver her phone and tell him to wipe it clean. It's more than likely that the house burning is a ploy by Annalise to hide the murder of this person, but why was Laurel in the house? Was she supposed to be another casualty and presumed dead, or was she trying to rescue whoever turns out to be dead?

So who could it be? Let's break it down.

Wes Gibbins

Wes was invited to live with Annalise earlier in the season, which puts him as a potential person living in the home when it's burned down. Wes also knows that Frank was to blame for his biological father's death at the end of last season, so if things played out and these two came to blows, it's likely that Wes could have been the one killed. If so, the group could have left his body there to be burned with the house. It seems unlikely that the showrunners would want to kill off the male lead, but anything is possible.

Connor Walsh

Another fan favorite, Connor hasn't had a whole lot to do this season yet. It seems his main arc is dealing in his breakup with boyfriend Oliver. Connor seems like a "core" character that would be hard to get rid of, but unlike most of the others he's expressed serious guilt in dealing with the body count that's been stacking up around them. Since Connor is one of Annalise's students with permanent access to her house, and at the moment nowhere to live, could we see him move in and become a casualty of the fire or fight with Frank?

Michaela Pratt And Asher Millstone

Here are two more "core" characters who don't seem to be adding much to the story yet this season. Their biggest thing seems to be how they're busy having sex and hiding it from their friends. These two aren't as connected to the big picture as most of the others as they don't have a connection to Frank and both seem to be dealing fine with the many, MANY deaths going on around them since the beginning of the show. If I were betting any of you, I'd bet that these two are the next to be revealed as alive.

Simon Drake

Another newcomer this season is Simon, and fans can't quite figure where he falls into the story. He's a student in Annalise's class we hadn't seen before, and he strongly hates our main characters - other than Oliver, who he's trying to sleep with. Simon is antagonistic, and competitive with our characters, and it's very possible that he could be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time as a witness to a death, or is even killed himself and left in the house to be burned to hide the evidence. Since we haven't delved into his backstory yet, it's likely we'll learn he's hiding something or even possibly has a connection to the bigger picture as yet unrevealed.

Nate Lahey

Annalise's on-again/off-again boyfriend Nate is another strong possibility to be on that gurney. We' first met Nate when he was having an affair with Annalise in Season 1; both characters were married but secretly having their own rendezvous. Since both of their spouses' deaths their relationship has become public, and Nate even temporarily moved in with Annalise in fear of Frank showing up.

In the latest episode, however, the two seem to have split up. But anything is possible as they break up and get back together constantly. Nate has no love for Frank, and if he does return it's likely Nate would still show up to defend Annalise, and I don't believe he'd win in a fight against Frank. It's quite possible he'd end up dead and Frank will end up back on the run.

Frank Delfino

Frank has been portrayed as the villain this season, where in the past he's been Annalise's right hand man. He killed Wes' biological father at the end of the second season and has been on the run since. He's killed the man Annalise paid to track him down, and in Episode 4 we learned he hunted down Bonnie's father (who molested her as a child) and killed him for revenge for Bonnie. It's very possible that this is a play on his part to gain sympathy with Bonnie as she's been in love with him forever.

If Frank does come back to Philadelphia, or runs into Annalise, it's likely things would not end well. Several characters have motive for killing him, and right now he seems like the most likely character to wind up dead. However if he doesn't die, he definitely has something to do with the person's death, and could end up back on the run to be key to the rest of the season.


Who do you think the dead body is?


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