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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Arrow Season 5 Episode 5 "Human Target" and potential spoilers of Season 5, Episode 6 "So It Begins."

Season 5 of Arrow may have heavily focused on Tobias Church so far, but there's no question about it — Prometheus is the main threat of the season. Initially focusing on Church's dominance over the streets of Star City, the show has been careful to only give us glimpses of the deadly archer thus far — never giving too much away.

But having said that, in his few appearances Prometheus has done so much more than prove that he's the main threat of the season. In each appearance, he made such a significant impact that he has become the #TV series' deadliest villain ever.

We Don't Know Anything About Him

Prometheus has made a few brief appearances this season so far, but despite this, we still don't really know anything about him. And that fear of the unknown makes him all the more deadly. While big bads like Deathstroke, Ra's Al Guhl and Damien Darhk were very intimidating, we knew who they were and what they were capable of. Furthermore, we knew what they wanted — Slade Wilson wanted revenge on Oliver Queen for his lost love Shado, while Darhk and Ra's both wanted to destroy Star City.

Who is Prometheus? (via The CW)
Who is Prometheus? (via The CW)

However, this is not the case with Prometheus. In this way, he is rather reminiscent of Season 1's Dark Archer who silently took out whoever he wanted to. While we eventually did find out his true motives when his true identity was revealed to be Malcolm Merlyn, we haven't had that luxury with Prometheus. And that, in a sense makes him reminiscent of the terrifying Zoom whose identity remained hidden for the majority of Season 2 of The Flash.

Prometheus' identity and motive have yet to be revealed, and as each episode passes, we know less and less about what he wants. This unpredictability makes him all the more deadly, because if we don't know what he wants, we don't know when or where he will strike. And if we don't see him coming, how will the Green Arrow?

Nobody Walks Away From Him

Few people know how to make an exit quite like Prometheus. Every single time the hooded archer shows up, he easily disposes of anyone in his path and that includes both highly-esteemed police officers and well-renowned crime bosses.

Prometheus leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. (via The CW)
Prometheus leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. (via The CW)

When he made his first appearance, he brutally took out Lieutenant Conahan in one fell swoop. Not done yet, he took out two of Tobias Church's men in the following episode before finally taking out the crime lord himself after his warnings were ignored. But he didn't stop there, as the police escort surrounded Church on his transportation to Iron Heights, they all found themselves confronted by the mysterious archer. And while we could only hear the commotion unfold, we just knew that those SCPD officers didn't stand a chance.

And the episode closed with Prometheus casually walking away with police bodies strewn everywhere — a deadly image to solidify the fact that nobody walks away from Prometheus. And this image highlights just how deadly he is as it was perhaps one of the most disturbing endings Arrow has ever produced.

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He Wants The Green Arrow All To Himself

Prometheus has made it clear that he isn't one for sharing. After taking out one of the most promising officers on Oliver Queen's Anti Crime Unit, he set his sights on crime kingpin Tobias Church who had his own vendetta against the Emerald Archer.

Prometheus threatens Tobias Church a second time. (via The CW)
Prometheus threatens Tobias Church a second time. (via The CW)

Tobias Church may have been defeated by the Green Arrow, but he certainly wasn't a pushover and at times made Oliver Queen's life a living hell. So Prometheus would certainly have benefited from teaming up with someone as esteemed as Church in the criminal underworld. It wouldn't have been the first time that villains team up with other villains. After all, Merlyn aligned himself with Damien Darhk when Oliver took the League of Assassins from him, and Darhk and H.I.V.E had a brief albeit toxic relationship with Anarky at point. So somebody with Prometheus' skills could have clicked well with someone like Church.

However, things didn't work out like that. Not only does Prometheus want the Green Arrow for an unknown reason, he also doesn't want anybody else taking him down. In fact, he's so passionate about having the Green Arrow all to himself that he's willing to kill any criminals who threaten to take out the Emerald Archer — Church being a prime example of that.

Prometheus don't share!
Prometheus don't share!

So whatever deep-rooted vendetta Prometheus has against the Green Arrow, it's clear that he wants to be the one to take him down. He has proven that he doesn't want help, and this makes him all the more deadly because it truly seems that he is capable of doing the job himself. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

He's Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

As evidenced by the ending of "Human Target," Prometheus is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal of destroying the Green Arrow, and that includes making an example out of the one person who dared to defy him. Furthermore, the terrifying archer takes this one step further in the upcoming episode.

Check out the trailer for "So It Begins" below:

Just from watching this trailer, it's clear that Prometheus has no problem taking out anybody he chooses in order to get the Green Arrow's attention. Furthermore, it seems that his mind games with the Green Arrow will result in the Emerald Archer being framed for these murders, with members of Oliver's own team seemingly questioning him.

With Tobias Church out of the way, Prometheus finally has the Green Arrow to himself and with that, has finally come out of the shadows to play. And we know now more than ever that he will have no problem whatsoever doing whatever he can to get Oliver's attention, and if that involves killing innocent Star City residents, then it looks like that is exactly what he's going to do. Moreover, it also seems that the new recruits may be forced to go up against him and if that's the case, will any of our new favorite #superheroes make it out alive?

Prometheus will strike again!
Prometheus will strike again!

With Prometheus already making a major statement in his few appearances so far, it's looking like he is set to put Team Arrow through one hell of year. This year's big bad has already taken out esteemed police officers, a police escort and Star City's kingpin of crime in his attempt to get the Green Arrow's attention. With business picking up in the upcoming episode, Prometheus is set to prove once and for all that he is truly the deadliest entity that Star City has ever seen.

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