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Deadpool 2 is one of the most anticipated movies coming our way, and the casting of Cable has been discussed endlessly ever since we found out he'll joining the R-Rated sequel. Over the last few months, we've seen many A-list actors join the rumored casting shortlist — and many to come out and deny their involvement.

The latest actor to deny playing is Die Another Day star, Pierce Brosnan. When speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video below), the former James Bond had this to say on the topic of him as Cable:

“Not true. Nothing’s come my way yet. It’s completely made up. We were sitting waiting for a plane, the three of us, and the guy said, ‘Quick. Let’s get a photograph. Jump in the middle.’ Mr. Reynolds said, ‘Let’s do three wise monkeys,’ put it out there, and it went viral.”

If Not Pierce Brosnan, Then Who?

The awesome Cable [Credit: Marvel]
The awesome Cable [Credit: Marvel]

Cable is an integral part of the lore, so it's no surprise that they're trying to pick the perfect candidate for Deadpool 2. Not to mention, this movie would be Cable's first outing in a major motion picture, so his introduction needs to be memorable. Pierce Brosnan isn't the first actor to come out and deny the Cable rumours, if you remember only recently we found out that Brad Pitt was considered, but it didn't quite work out. Speaking at CinemaCon, Deadpool's director David Leitch had this to say:

"We had a great meeting with Brad, he was incredibly interested in the property. Things didn't work out schedule-wise. He's a fan, and we love him, and I think he would've made an amazing Cable."

So with a no from Pierce Brosnan and Brad Pitt, who could play Cable? Thankfully there's tons more fantastic actors perfect for the role!

1. Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang is an absolute bad-ass. You may recognize him as the fantastic villain from James Cameron's Avatar, and he's currently a series regular on AMC's Into The Badlands. At 64, Lang is an absolute boss in the gym and he's aware that fans have been fan-casting him for Cable for years. He's currently one of the hotly tipped favorites to take the role, even if it means hinting at it himself — check out his not-so-subtle tweet below!

2. Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon as General Zod in 'Man of Steel' [Credit: DC]
Michael Shannon as General Zod in 'Man of Steel' [Credit: DC]

Another hotly tipped favorite for the role is 42-year-old Michael Shannon. You may recognize him as the brilliant villain in Man of Steel, or his from role as Bobby in last year's Nocturnal Animals. Michael Shannon is probably the most-talked about actor for this role, so much so that he's acquired "front-runner" status — but remember, these are all just rumors!

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3. David Harbour

David Harbour in 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
David Harbour in 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

David Harbour has been in various movies over the years, including End of Watch, The Equalizer and Quantom of Solace. But it wasn't until Netflix's Stranger Things that he really got noticed as a fantastic actor —so much so that's he's a now joined the long list of actors rumored to be the in running for Cable. The team behind Deadpool might want to use Stranger Things's momentum, and cast David Harbour for Cable as a real crowd-pleaser for the role.

4. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson in 'The Blood Father' [Credit: The Weinstein Company]
Mel Gibson in 'The Blood Father' [Credit: The Weinstein Company]

Mel Gibson is one of the wild-cards on this list. He would suit Cable perfectly and he does look the part and age — however, his loud mouth and erratic behaviour might prove to be a deciding factor in choosing not to go with the Braveheart star.

5. Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren in 'The Expendables' [Credit: Lionsgate Films]
Dolph Lundgren in 'The Expendables' [Credit: Lionsgate Films]

Another actor who totally looks the part of Cable is Dolph Lundgren. The Rocky IV star showed he still has the action chops required for Deadpool when he was one of the stars in The Expendables. He hasn't said anything about playing Cable, but that doesn't count him out as an option!

It's possible that the team behind Deadpool 2 might stray away from all these actors and completely surprise us with a shock casting — I mean, it is the team behind Deadpool afterall. Either way, I'm stoked to see what they have in store for us, because Cable is going to be such an amazing character to see live-action!

Let me know in the comments who you guys would like to see play the role of Cable in 'Deadpool 2'!


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