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With releasing this weekend, there is a chance Fox will start teasing what to expect for the highly anticipated sequel to 2016's . One of the brightest highlights fans are looking forward to seeing in the upcoming movie is the appearance of fan-favorite character Cable.

Cable is one of the best X-Men characters ever created, therefore the role for the movie has become highly contended for in Hollywood these past couple of months. There have been numerous rumors around who could be playing the time-traveling mutant that have sounded very pleasing: Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Lang, and even Russell Crowe. However, the latest rumor is even more exciting.

'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour As Cable?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The renowned movie scooper Umberto Gonzalez broke this news on The Wrap today that star David Harbour is being eyed to play the role of Cable in Deadpool 2 by "an individual with knowledge of the situation." The source also included that Harbour has already screen-tested to play Cable.

If this report was released a few months ago, I would have told you guys to take this with a grain of salt. However, when considering Deadpool 2 is about to start filming in a few months, Fox definitely has to buckle down and make a decision on who they want their Cable to be. We should definitely hear an official casting announcement sometime in the spring, but this news is very plausible and exhilarating.

[Credit: Netflix]
[Credit: Netflix]

Personally, I never even considered David Harbour for the role of Cable in the Fox-Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now every time I think about the casting, it gets me more excited. Chief Hopper is one of, if not my favorite, character from Netflix's hit show Stranger Things and seeing the actor as Cable sounds amazing.

The only bad thing to come from this news is that this could potentially mean Hopper's role on Stranger Things could come to an end. However, we all hope that Netflix and Fox work out an agreement as I don't see Jim Harper leaving the series anytime soon.


Do you think David Harbour could make an amazing Cable?

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(Source: The Wrap)


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