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Hype surrounding Deadpool 2 grows higher every day and with the reveal that Cable will be a primary character in the upcoming sequel, fandom has been in a frenzy.

Not much has been confirmed about the role of Cable in the film and though rumors have been flying fast and furious about who may play the fan-favorite mutant, no casting decisions have been confirmed.

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

But director David Leitch recently threw fans some fresh crumbs in an interview with MTV, providing a little more detail about what we can expect from Cable on screen.

According to Leitch:

"Because it's such a fun and free sandbox, we explore ideas and different avenues as they come into our heads. It's really about exploring things and finding the best movie possible. We're on a really good trajectory with the emotional arc of this character. Now it's about exploring set pieces and fun and the irreverent nature of Deadpool. It's kind of limitless."

As for casting, Leitch also gave his thoughts on Michael Shannon filling the role, who is currently one of the rumored front-runners for the part.

"I'm a huge fan of Michael Shannon, and he's always been on a short list. The studio is doing the due diligence to go through the list, and we're going to find the right Cable. If it ends up Michael Shannon, I will be grateful. But there's a lot of great people out there too."

'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros]

Shannon is no stranger to the comic book movie scene, playing General Zod in Man of Steel, as well as briefly appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Deadpool 2 looks like it's going to serve some serious sequel fun.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Michael Shannon play Cable? Leave your thoughts down below!


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