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Oh, shit. Don't panic. There's absolutely no need to panic, but the creative team that made Deadpool such a thrillingly obscene rollercoaster ride of mutant mania has undergone another change — Drew Goddard has been drafted in to consult on the script, providing support for Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

As things stand, the writing duo who helped craft a flawless adaption of Marvel's most hedonistic hitman are still very much involved in the project, working closely with star Ryan Reynolds on making Deadpool 2 just right. According to Collider, esteemed scriptwriter Goddard will add some extra wisdom to the mix.

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Is It Time To Worry About 'Deadpool 2'?

Initially, the news is concerning. For a film as distinct and palatable as , there's a sense that the sequel should stick to the winning formula. Unfortunately, the addition of Goddard is the second significant change to the crew, following director Tim Miller's departure in October last year.

At the time, there were rumors of two reasons behind Miller's exit. The first was that the director was pushing for an increased budget, and a "highly stylized" sequel that would be removed from the down-to-highway feel of the original — a claim Miller denied. The second speculated reason was over the casting of Cable.

Deadpool and Cable in comic book form [Credit: Marvel]
Deadpool and Cable in comic book form [Credit: Marvel]

However, Goddard's appointment in a consulting role suggests that there have been some substantial issues with the script. Deadpool was, very much, the product of a lifetime for those involved, including , who had lobbied for years for the Merc with a Mouth to take his rightful place in live-action, cinematic history.

, however, may be suffering from the sophomore slump due to two key challenges — building on the first while keeping it grounded, and adding more characters without disrupting the tone. That's on top of fitting the narrative into the X-Verse, introducing new characters such as Cable and Domino and possibly adding the antihero ensemble, the X-Force (if Logan doesn't beat them to it).

Goddard Has The Creative Talent To Improve 'Deadpool 2'

However, Goddard's résumé is reassuring, and if Deadpool 2 was going to benefit from outside input, he is the right person for the job. His most fitting work to date was on the acclaimed Netflix Daredevil series, which, minus the quick-witted humor and fourth-wall breaking, has a similar tone to Deadpool. Goddard was executive producer on the show, and wrote the defining opening episodes.

'Deadpool 2' will have to adapt to more characters [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Deadpool 2' will have to adapt to more characters [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

He was nominated for an Oscar for adapting the screenplay for 's Mars-bound sci-fi, The Martian (2015), wrote Cloverfield (2008), produced 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), co-wrote Cabin in the Woods (2012), won a WGA Award for his work on Lost, and started his career scriptwriting for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, before moving on to Alias. In a nutshell, Goddard is extremely talented at what he does.

Now we've taken a few deep breaths, is it time to panic, or remain calm? Like everything in life, it's a matter of perspective. On one hand, it is concerning that there have been a host of creative changes, after all, most fans will want Deadpool 2 to contain all the troupes of its predecessor. On the other, this is a sign Fox want to get things absolutely right with one of their hottest properties, and bringing in one of Hollywood's most gifted writers will help with that.

So, don't go dusting off the brown pants just yet.

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Are you concerned about the changes in the creative team for Deadpool 2?

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