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The upcoming sequel to 2016’s smash-hit Deadpool is one of the most anticipated films of 2018, and fans can’t wait to see the Merc with a Mouth back in action. Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool, and this time he will be accompanied by fan-favorite character Cable, played by Josh Brolin.

The potential casting of in Deadpool 2 was a hot topic in the comic book movie fan community, and fans were happy to learn that the character would be played by the fantastic Josh Brolin. After Brolin was cast as Cable, Ryan Reynolds has welcomed the actor to the film on Twitter in the most Deadpool way possible. Brolin has also done his fair share to promote the casting, by teasing fans with photos of him hitting the gym hard and by throwing shade at Reynolds on social media.

Apart from a few artist renderings and pictures of getting shredded at the gym, fans have yet to see what Brolin will look like when he is transformed into Cable for Deadpool 2. Luckily for fans, Josh Brolin recently showed off his Cable haircut on Instagram, giving us our best look at Brolin in character yet.

Josh Brolin's Cable Haircut

Pictured with his son Trevor, it's hard to deny Brolin looks uncannily like Marvel Comics's Cable. Brolin is sporting a tight fade on the sides of his head, with the top slicked back and a little bit of grey poking through (yes, you can even see it in the black and white photo).

Brolin's hairstyle is similar to the military high-and-tight that Cable sports in the comics, and fans are convinced that Brolin’s hairstyle change is to help him prepare for his role in Deadpool 2, which starts filming soon. On top of the haircut, Brolin is clean-shaven and mean-mugging, while also showing off his massive biceps in a sleeveless shirt.

Deadpool And Cable Creator Rob Liefeld Noticed Josh Brolin's Cable Transfromation

Fans weren’t the only people who noticed that Brolin is beginning to look a lot like Cable, and even the creator of Deadpool and Cable, , took to his Instagram account to show off the similarities between the character and the actor:

The side-by-side picture is uncanny, and the fact that Rob Liefeld posted this picture gives credence to the notion that the haircut is part of Brolin’s transformation into Cable. It’s also worth noting that Liefeld has followed the progression of Brolin’s weight training for the role on Instagram, and has given the actor his seal of approval.

Besides the haircut and the muscles, Brolin is only a few prosthesics and some CGI away from becoming the time traveling badass that fans love from the universe.

Fans must wait until next year to see Deadpool 2 in its entirety, but in the next few months, we will probably get our first official look at Josh Brolin as Cable, and much more from the film. Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018.

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