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Kit Simpson Browne

Now, the recent news that the acclaimed director of #Deadpool, #TimMiller, wouldn't be returning for the upcoming #Deadpool2 — citing "creative differences" with producer and star #RyanReynolds — was a shock to many fans, but didn't initially seem likely to destroy our hopes and dreams of Deadpool 2 being just as much fun as its predecessor. After all, Ryan Reynolds seems to have a pretty great handle on the character, the rest of the cast and crew are all still on board, and, of course, #Cable is on his way. As such, even in the wake of Miller's surprising departure, optimism still largely held sway.

That, though, may just be starting to change. Y'see...

Deadpool 2 Just Lost Yet Another Key Creative Figure


This time out, it's the critically-lauded #JunkieXL, who provided the (equally critically-lauded) score for Deadpool. The Dutch musician — real name Tom Holkenborg — recently posted a thoughtful note to Twitter, explaining precisely why he doesn't feel able to remain aboard the project. And as it turns out, it has a whole lot to do with Miller's departure:

Now, in and of itself, the departure of Holkenborg from the project isn't a crippling blow — there are surely other musicians out there who can provide a fantastic score for the film. More worrying for #Fox, though, is his expressed reason for leaving. After all, there are few more worrying sentences in the wake of a key creative departure than:

"'Deadpool' without Tim at the helm just does not sit right with me and that is why I have decided not to be involved in the second chapter."

If this is the end of the crew-shedding, then perhaps Deadpool 2 will be just fine, and we'll have collectively forgotten about all of this by the time it hits theaters. Lose a few more key creatives, though, and some more substantial concern might just start to creep in.

And even the ever-jovial Deadpool might find it tough to "shoop" his way out of that one...

Still want more on Deadpool 2, though? Never fear, we've got details of a possible, if risky, new director right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Will Deadpool 2 be able to match its predecessor's success without Miller and Junkie XL? Let us know below!