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The tragic news of yet another stunt performer losing their life on a film set shook those involved in the making of Deadpool 2 this week. The identity of the stunt woman was released shortly after, naming Joi "SJ" Harris as the victim of a performance gone wrong. Filming for the highly anticipated sequel was halted briefly in light of the incident. However, just 48 hours after Harris' death, filming for Deadpool 2 has resumed.

Production for the sequel restarted Wednesday morning, despite the sudden and tragic death of Harris, who passed while filming a motorcycle stunt as Zazie Beetz's double. Harris was not been wearing a helmet and was killed when she lost control of the bike and crashed into a glass window. Deadline reported that a notice for the production went up late on Tuesday stating:

Due to unforeseen circumstances [Deadpool 2] was unable to complete its filming planned for August 14th and 15th.

They also reported that the notice said filming would continue per their schedule starting on Wednesday and Thursday.

Harris claimed to be the first African-American female road racer. She was hired to play the stunt role for Beetz's character, Domino, just five days before her tragic death. It has been reported that Beetz's previous stunt double had a helmet fit to go under the Domino wig, however Harris' sudden hire for the part did not grant them enough time to have one made for her before filming began.

This is the third on-set injury to occur this summer involving stunt performers. Earlier this year, John Bernecker lost his life on the set of The Walking Dead while filming a fight scene on a balcony. And just days before Harris' lost her life on set, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt on the set of Mission Impossible: 6.

WorkSafeBC is currently investigating Harris' accident. They previously claimed they were looking at immediate occupational and safety concerns to insure the set was safe. In light of these frequent instances, we can hope that this will give way to stricter safety precautions to prevent future lives from being lost.

(Source: Deadline)


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