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20th Century Fox’s runaway success Deadpool was one of the best comic book films of 2016. It was critically praised, and fans could not get enough of Ryan Reynolds in the role he was born to play. The film’s post-credit scene promised fans that they would not only get a sequel, but that everyone’s favorite time-traveling badass, Cable, would also star in the film.

Since the announcement that would appear in Deadpool 2, fans have been speculating about which actor would be cast in the role. Over the last year, a dancing plethora of actor’s names have been thrown into the ring to play Cable, from to . Recently, the rumor mill was officially closed for business, as Fox announced that Josh Brolin was officially cast as Cable.

Josh Brolin is no stranger to comic book films, with his upcoming role as the Mad Titan Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and his portrayal of the titular character in the movie Jonah Hex. Brolin being cast as Cable is great, because he’s a tremendous actor — but the fact that he is still going to play Thanos in the MCU has given some fans pause.

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Lots of actors have jumped from one superhero role to another, but this is a rare instance where he will be playing two characters in separate comic book franchises at the same time. Taking this criticism in his stride, took to Twitter to welcome Josh Brolin to the franchise in true Deadpool fashion.

Ryan Reynolds Welcomes Josh Brolin To Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds has truly embraced the role of Deadpool, and has becoming the walking personification of the Merc with a Mouth. This tweet is the seven layer nachos platter of tweets, with enough Deadpool goodness to fill a rubber chicken factory.

Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at the inherent nerd-rage created by Brolin playing characters in both Fox and Marvel’s sandboxes, and does so in a way that dissolves into pure nonsense about Sabrina the Teenage Witch. On top of Reynolds witty text, there is a picture of Deadpool holding a cup with the most beautiful latte art I have ever seen (yes, I know it’s photo shopped, calm down).

Beyond the cup of pipin’ hot Brolin, there is a coffee ringed napkin listing the Golden Girls in no particular order. To the left, you have two adorable domino pieces which depict 2 of the new characters we're set to see Deadpool 2, Cable and Domino – both are anatomically correct and to scale.

Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be quite the sequel, and hopefully delivers the world a much-needed dose of Wade Wilson at his finest. The film’s script is currently being written, and there is no release date in sight — but whilst you wait patiently for Deadpool 2, you can re-watch your VHS copy of Deadpool until Blockbuster calls to remind you they went out of business.

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