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Deadpool 2 is one of the most anticipated films of 2018, and with filming underway the hype for the film has increased exponentially. Following on the heels of the 2016 hit Deadpool, the sequel will continue the misadventures of our favorite foul-mouthed antihero, and this time Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool will be joined by his longtime comic book BFF, Cable.

Fans have been following the progress of Deadpool 2 closely, and up until now, we have only seen glimpses of Josh Brolin's slow transformation into Cable, and the occasional tease from Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, on social media.

Deadpool 2 is filming at Hatley Castle in Colwood, British Columbia in Greater Victoria – under the working title Love Machine – and fans immediately recognized the location as the castle Fox used as the X-Mansion in numerous films. The location hinted that will visit the X-Mansion as he did in the first film. added to the hype when he shared a picture from the set.

Ryan Reynolds Shares The First Picture From The Set Of Deadpool 2

Reynolds took to Instagram on Saturday, June 17 to share a picture of him in full Deadpool costume, laying in front of the beautiful Hatley Castle. This is our first look at Reynolds on set for Deadpool 2, and in true Deadpool fashion, Reynolds captioned the post with a nonsensical sentence about searching for Beast’s “lawn bombs.”

Even though Fox released a teaser for Deadpool 2 in tandem with Logan back in March, it’s still a treat to see Reynolds on the set of the film. We probably won’t see much of the X-Mansion in the film – because they only filmed there for a day – but this image is more than enough to get fans even more excited for the 2018 release of Deadpool 2. (And sets could always double for the interior of the mansion.)

Update: Ryan Reynold's recently took to his Instagram to share a post commemorating the first day of shooting for Deadpool 2:

Deadpool 2's Viral Marketing Begins

If that picture of Deadpool chilling in front of the X-Mansion looks familiar, it's because the shot is a lot like the poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming. This subtle jab at (or nod to) the competition is something the first Deadpool movie had in spades – especially at the expense of other X-Men films – and it's a part of the character of Deadpool in the realm of comic books.

In the lead-up to the release of Deadpool 2, Fox is sure to employ viral marketing campaign similar to what we saw with the first film, and Deadpool’s meta-humor will likely be a huge part of the promotion. Deadpool 2 can make endless jokes at the expense of other comic book films, and we are going to enjoy every minute of it.

Deadpool was everything fans wanted it to be, and it looks like Deadpool 2 will continue the tradition of giving us the very best R-rated humor and super-violence that we have come to love. Hopefully, Ryan Reynolds will continue posting behind the scenes photos on his social media accounts, and continue to get us hyped for the upcoming release of Deadpool 2.

Make sure you check out Deadpool 2 when it hit theaters on June 1, 2018.

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