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Deadpool 2 promises to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and stick a middle finger up at rest of the superhero genre. Bringing back the comedy with Ryan Reynolds and teaming him with the stoic scowl of Josh Brolin, Fox hopes to capitalize on the success of the highest grossing R-rated film of all time with even more fart jokes and dick pics.

We may be used to seeing the Merc with the Mouth sporting his red and black hood, but with a face that's been left out in the sun too long, can we really blame Deadpool for hiding in costume? Part of the charm of Deadpool was Reynolds playing the smiling assassin from behind his faceless mask, but it seems that director David Leitch is keen for us to also remember the man beneath the merch.

Mask For Masc

Instagram has already show us in the makeup chair, setting up to play the muscular Cable, but it now looks like our leading man is undergoing a facelift of sorts too. Hot off the press at the sequel's Vancouver location, some sneaky set pics from were unearthed by Just Jared. Pictured in an atmospheric, rainy sequence, we see sans hood giving us a proper look at Wade Wilson. Remembering back to Tim Miller's first film, we saw Wade become horrifically scarred by an experimental cancer cure. Sure, he may look like a shriveled scrotum, but at least Deadpool 2 is reminding us that beauty is only skin deep.

For fans of the 40-year-old hunk, it is great to know we get to gaze on Reynolds's handsome chops rather than just the expressionless face of an executioner's hood. Interestingly, we only really see Wade take off his mask when speaking to those closest to him, so could the scene involve returning cast member Morena Baccarin as Wade's fiancée, Vanessa? The sequence reportedly involves Deadpool being hit by a car, alternatively meaning it could lead into some big-action fight sequence. We all know how supes films love a good rain battle!

Filming may have only been underway for around a month, but that hasn't stopped news from pouring in; we have already seen Brolin's Cable transformation and Deadpool 2's very first Easter Egg. With San Diego Comic-Con 2017 on the horizon, it is doubtful we will get any major footage, such as a trailer, but could we get a sassy Deadpool sizzle reel just in time?

There may be no official synopsis yet, and even if Comic-Con doesn't bring anything too revelatory, we can hopefully piece the puzzle together with the slew of incoming set pictures. We have already seen Deadpool crashing a kid's birthday party, so we can assume that the sequel will continue to balance the light and the dark side of superherodom. Regardless, expect Deadpool 2 to gut the competition when it hits cinemas next June.

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