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Sad news to report from the set of Deadpool 2. The Vancouver Police Department has confirmed that a stunt woman died earlier today while filming a motorcycle stunt on the set of the anticipated sequel. The authorities released a brief statement, along with the confirmation via Twitter saying:

"Vancouver Police can confirm that a female stunt driver has died on the set of Deadpool during a stunt on a motorcycle. VPD officers are at the scene, along with officers from WorkSafeBC. More information will be released when it is available."

Witnesses confirm they saw the stunt being performed at Jack Poole Plaza, with the victim thought to be the stunt double for Zazie Beetz, who will be playing Domino in the film. Just last week, a photo emerged of what could have been Beetz's stunt double as she filmed a motorcycle scene.

This was the driver's first stunt performance for a film, according to Deadline. Unfortunately, though the driver had been practicing the maneuver all day on Saturday, she was not wearing a helmet, as her character does not wear one in the film. Because of this incident, the BC Coroner’s Service and WorkSafeBC has opened an investigation and is taking precaution on set to prevent further accidents. Senior manager of WorkSafeBC, Trish Knight Chernecki, said to Deadline:

"We have five officers on site and two are looking at immediate occupational safety and health issues to make sure the site is safe,” “The other three officers on site are investigating the cause of the incident and the prevention of future incidents.”

This isn't the first time a stunt double has been fatally injured on set in recent months. Earlier this summer, John Bernecker, a stuntman on The Walking Dead was put on life support after a thirty foot-fall on set. Sadly Bernecker later passed away from his injuries.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the cast and crew, along with the loved ones of the victim.

See more information regarding this incident.

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