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Now, with Fox's first deep cinematic dive into the unruly meta-weirdness that is having made an absolutely vast amount of money at the box office, it's hardly surprising that a sequel to February 2016's mega hit was green-lit extremely quickly. After all, it both made a whole lot of money, and directly referenced having a sequel on the way during a post-credits sequence. As far as these things go, a sequel was already pretty much guaranteed.

And yet, over a year later, we still don't know just when said sequel, , will arrive on our screens. As it turns out, though, there's a reason for that. Y'see:

'Deadpool 2's Writers Just Explained Why The Sequel Doesn't Have A Release Date

And if Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (who both wrote the original Deadpool, and are close to finishing up the script for the sequel) are correct, then it's probably for the best that we don't yet know when the film will arrive in theaters. As Reese put it, during a recent interview the duo gave to THR:

"We're very close to a draft that we'll go off and shoot in a couple of months and we couldn't be more thrilled... We don't want to put the cart before the horse, and often times with release dates that happens. You end up racing and you end up being forced to do something you're not happy with."

And so, the absence of Deadpool 2 on advance scheduling? Why, that's apparently a simple case of wanting to hold off on picking a date until production has actually begun (and, by that logic, has nothing to do with the delays caused by the loss of the film's original director, or the fact that its second lead hasn't yet been officially cast). When the film does get going, though, it seems it could land pretty much anywhere.

'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]
'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]

Indeed, as Reese went on to note:

"The great thing about Deadpool is we spent a career trying to duck other movies. 'How do we get off the release date of this or that?' I think in most cases, people are going to have to duck us. Fox is probably going to be able to drop that thing on a date and everyone else is going to scatter, because no one will want to come out the same weekend… our feeling is it's all about the movie. The fact that 'Deadpool' came out in February and did as well as it did, and you are seeing similarly the summer [movie season] start earlier in March, and movies succeed in October and so the date to us doesn't mean as much as it used to. I think the studio feels the same way. We just want to make the best movie possible and 'Deadpool' will find an audience, we feel at this point."

In other words? Deadpool 2 will get here when it gets here, and we'll all probably go to see it no matter when that is. Which seems about right, actually.

What do you think, though? When do you think Deadpool 2 will hit theaters? Let us know below!

(Sources: THR)


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