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Updated 12/28/2016:

Of course, you always have to take these stories with a grain of salt. After it was reported by The Wrap, many key people working on the film jumped on Twitter to debunk the rumor.

This doesn't mean that Deadpool won't be making an appearance in Logan, as they could just be covering up for Fox, but the story now looks far less likely. Mangold continued to retweet many posts that bashed journalist Umberto Gonzalez and then decided to tweet out to the world again.

Obviously, Fox doesn't want us to know that Deadpool would be making an appearance in Logan if the rumor is true. This could be a cover-up but those involved are taking the rumor very seriously — so don't get your hopes up!

Original story:

Hugh Jackman has been doing a spectacular job playing Wolverine for the last 17 years but unfortunately, his run is coming to an end this March in Logan. Fans are really excited to not only see what appears to be a great Wolverine solo movie but also what Hugh Jackman has to bring to the most iconic role he has played in his entire career.

If that doesn't look great, I don't know what does!
If that doesn't look great, I don't know what does!

After the success of this year's Deadpool, X-fans were disappointed that we'd probably never get to see the good version of Ryan Reynold's Merc with a Mouth ever crack a joke at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine — even Ryan Reynolds himself wanted it to happen. However, it seems like Fox has listened to the fans and is potentially making dreams come true.

Rumor Has It That Ryan Reynolds Shot A Scene For Logan

According to The Wrap, who spoke to "an individual with knowledge of the project," they confirmed that Reynolds will indeed be making an appearance in Logan. However, the twist is that Deadpool's scene will most likely end up becoming a post-credit scene. The Wrap points out that Fox declined to comment comment.

True or not, this rumor is very exciting. The fact that we are even getting one additional scene with Deadpool is appealing considering his second outing won't be until 2018 at the earliest. Also, they wouldn't include Deadpool in Logan and not have it be a scene alongside Wolverine. This team-up is something fans of the X-Men franchise have been dying to see, even if it is only one simple scene. However, could will this scene include?

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What Will The Post-Credit Scene Be?

There are a number of ways Deadpool 2 director David Leitch could have weaved Deadpool into Logan or vise-versa by including Wolverine in a Deadpool-centric post-credit scene. At first, it is understandable to question whether this will just be a funny scene or if it will actually set up the sequel to Deadpool. However, assuming Wolverine will be in the scene as well, we can pretty much scrap the idea that the scene will set up for a future movie considering that as a post-credits sequence, this would be Jackman's very last scene as the iconic X-Man.

Therefore, I predict the post-credit scene for Logan will show Wolverine sitting at a bar when Deadpool walks up to him and begins to ask a bunch of stupid yet hilarious questions such as "What timeline is this exactly?" or even reference the Merc with No Mouth that Wolverine confronted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Logan will most likely sit there and continue to drink his beer and smoke his cigar until the end where he would turn around and say one final line that is probably both funny and vulgar. Whether this will be Old Man Logan or the Wolverine in the 2017 timeline is debatable, but it really doesn't matter considering Deadpool doesn't care about continuity.


Do you think Deadpool is going to appear in 'Logan'? If so, how?

What do you guys believe? Is Deadpool showing up in Logan? Sound off in the comment section below with your theory!


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