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As Tim Miller's slapped the superhero competition in 2016, it was no surprise that the post-credits tease of a sequel was fast tracked into production. In typical Deadpool style, there was the none too subtle hint that antihero Cable would be "tied" into the sequel, and so the hunt for Nathan Summers began.

Suiting up to play the silver fox time-traveller for became Hollywood's hottest ticket, with everyone from Michael Shannon to Brad Pitt popping up in rumors and concept art. However, it was a curveball casting of that showed Fox isn't afraid to butt heads with the MCU, while making Brolin the unofficial daddy of comicbook villains. So, with our second lead locked in, the news apparently couldn't have come quickly enough for Deadpool and Cable creator .

Guns Out, Huns Out

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the comic book maestro said that the whole thing was a little too stressful for his liking and he just wanted it to be over and done with:

“I have never seen a casting derby like the derby there was for Cable. That was like every race I'd ever seen combined into one. Everybody who was 38-65 made sure they put their name in there, and you have no idea some of the names that you didn't hear!...Did I sweat that the wrong guy would get cast? Yes, 100 percent. That kept me up at night, but the planets aligned, everything worked out and I love seeing these videos of Josh pumping those guns.”

He didn't reveal which names he was referring to when talking about "the wrong guy," so you will have to leave that to your own imagination — I can only assume he means that ridiculous idea about Keira Knightley.

The casting of a creation so close to your heart must be a nail-biting situation, but Liefeld seems pretty happy with the end result and even shared a sketch of Brolin as the square-jawed Cable on his Instagram.

Place Your Bets For The Dead Pool

Director certainly has an uphill struggle on his hands to top the success of the first film. Luckily, with and Brolin on board, the duo are sure to make for a slapstick and stoic comedy duo. As for Brolin getting pumped for the role, Liefeld also revealed that he has no fears that the 49-year-old has the cojones to take the character where he needs to go and said, “Brolin is a home run any way you cut it.”

Given that Disney has a majority hold over the world of superhero cinema by the short and curlies, while the DCEU is coming from the rear, Fox seems quite content doing its own thing. With disasters like Fant4stic and a run of mixed reviews for the X-Men films, Deadpool is a beacon of fart jokes and penis puppetry that is currently holding this branch of the studio up.

To be honest, you could pay Reynolds and Brolin to stand on screen and exchange insults for two hours and we would probably still go and see it. One thing is for sure though, Deadpool 2 is the scorching hot chimichanga that we all can't wait to tuck into in 2018.

Check out the Deadpool 2 teaser, "No Good Deed," and don't forget our poll below!


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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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