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Despite his violent, psychotic and downright disgusting behavior, there's no doubt we love . Wade Wilson, with his Crocs, guns, and convenient forgetfulness, took the world by storm last year and turned us into desperate creatures, whose only desire was to see more of him.

is still a long way off, and in our current state, it's hard to picture going any further without one more taste of Freddy Krueger's lovechild with a topographical map of Utah. Fortunately, someone just gave us a much-needed Deadpool fix.

Before we move on though, I need to ask you: Have you ever wondered what a Deadpool musical would look like? Well, even if you haven't, The Deadpool Said YouTube channel just answered that question.

With now in theaters, the channel uploaded this awesome video of Wade Wilson parodying the iconic Gaston song. And in staying true to the character, it's one of the weirdest things you'll ever see:

Hmmm, who would have thought? Deadpool's got some moves. As we've come to expect from our favorite bad boy-turned mercenary, the music video is full of fourth-wall breaking cameos, meta references, cheesy rhymes and a whole lot of self-praising from the man himself.

[Credit: Deadpool Said]
[Credit: Deadpool Said]

The interesting thing about this video is how it turns the theme of the song on its head. The original Beauty and the Beast version was all about the people in the bar praising Gaston for his "noble" deeds and bravery.

In this case, it's the complete opposite for Deadpool, as everyone in the bar is either insulting him, or trying to kill him. In fact not even the bartender - who's supposed to want customers in his establishment - wants him there. Still, don't feel bad about him: He doesn't really care.

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But what's a piece of superhero entertainment without a good ol' post-credits scene? That's right, don't let the red title cards fool you. Wade Wilson has one more surprise up his dirty sleeve, so check it out.

It's always great to see the effort that goes behind these type of videos from fans. In just five minutes, they perfectly captured the essence of Deadpool and made you forget it was a fan film. Also, I don't know about you, but this got me wishing for more Disney songs parodies from Wade Wilson. How about you?


Which other Disney song would you like Deadpool to parody next?


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