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Deadpool is known as one of the goofiest characters in comics. In fact, it doesn't matter if you're discussing characters from comics, TV, or movies – the merc with a mouth blows them out of the water in terms of pure goofiness. But it's not just Deadpool's jokes that put him among the goofball elite, it also helps that he's been on some weird and wonderful adventures.

I always take pride in telling people about Deadpool tales like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Joe Kelly's run, which perfectly utilizes Deadpool's range of emotions. So, here's a small selection of Deadpool's adventures where Marvel's creative minds really let their imaginations run wild.

1. Deadpool Vs. Dead Presidents

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool: Dead Presidents (2017)

Writers: Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn

When a necromancer from S.H.I.E.L.D. raises America's presidents from the dead, who do you call? You can't call the Avengers because it would be a public relations nightmare to see Captain America killing George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You can't even call the Fantastic Four because they're probably in another dimension. So, you'll have to recruit the one person who's reputation is so bad that putting the presidents back in the grave won't hurt their public image - you hire the Merc with a Mouth!

Deadpool's jokes in the story are some of his best material to date, including tons of pop culture references and fourth wall breaks. The presidents were ruthless and entertaining, so there's no way you'll read this without laughing. You see things like William Howard Taft flying around naked in a bathtub and JFK hitting on Deadpool while he was dressed as Marilyn Monroe. In addition to this, you also get appearances from Dr. Strange, Thor, and Captain America.

This story also sets up Deadpool for the rest of this run with Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, making it well worth your time.

2. Deadpool Beats Dracula And Takes His Girl

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet (2014)

Writer: Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn

This is another case of Deadpool being the perfect person for an obscure task. Dracula hires Deadpool to find his future wife, Shiklah, and bring her back to him so that they can wed. Seems simple enough, right? Well, with Deadpool nothing is ever that simple.

Deadpool ends up fighting a Minotaur in Greece (who at one point was riding a moped), Blade (who he shot with an exploding Hulk fist arrow), A.I.M. (essentially Hydra, but scientists) M.O.D.O.K., Hydra, and a diabetic Centaur/werewolf/Venom symbiote hybrid!

Deadpool also falls in love with someone who actually loves him for who he is. Shiklah had been sleeping in a coffin for centuries, so she enjoyed Deadpool showing her all the things she'd missed.

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet is a great story with funny moments, romance and a fight between Deadpool and Dracula. What more could you want? Well, how about Frankenstein's monster, a mummy, and a Brood for good measure?

3. Deadpool And Headpool

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth (2009-2010)

Writer: Victor Gischler

Deadpool goes on a journey to the Savage Land in search of a Deadpool zombie head from another reality. Why? So Hydra A.I.M. could use it and turn it into a weapon, of course.

Along the way, Deadpool goes reality-hopping to get his head back home. They eventually ride a blimp and end up in a world full of zombie heroes and villains. I'd like to say that there was some deep meaning to this story, but the truth is that it's just a fun-filled ride full of kick-ass action and hilarious jokes. At one point, Deadpool turns the Absorbing Man into toilet paper, and there's even a zombie tyrannosaurus rex!

4. Zombie Nurses

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool #4 and #5 (2008)

Written by: Daniel Way

After spending most of his money trying to kill Wolverine (Wolverine Origins Volume five) and the rest of his money on a mission for Nick Fury to kill skrulls (Deadpool issues 1-3), Deadpool is broke. Due to lack of funds, Wade had to take a job from someone who's known as Zeke "The Ultimate Scumbag."

Zeke stayed true to his reputation and set Deadpool up to be eternal food for the undead. So, the anti-hero goes up against zombies – and not just your everyday zombies, some of them are hot zombie nurses!

Perhaps the best moment is when Deadpool is trapped in a holding cell with a group of zombies and tries to impersonate them so he doesn't get eaten. Needless to say, it didn't work.

5. Deadpool Vs. Hawkeye

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Dark Reign Deadpool #10-#12

Writer: Daniel Way

Deadpool was becoming a giant thorn in Norman Osborn's side. Once his Thunderbolts failed to destroy Wade, Norman went to his Dark Avengers to get the job done. He sent someone after Deadpool who has an important relationship with Deadpool, his newly minted Hawkeye a.k.a. Bullseye.

This story is essentially just a three issue fight scene full of jokes. At one point, Bullseye puts an arrow through Deadpool's head, while Deadpool puts on armor made out of meat. There's even a battle between Bullseye, who carries a rocket launcher, and Deadpool in a monster truck.

6. Deadpool Gets It On, Pirate Style. Arrrrrr!

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool #13-#14: Wave of Mutilation (2009)

Writer: Daniel Way

After an epic battle with Bullseye (who was running around dressed as Hawkeye), Deadpool came into a large sum of money. But after weeks of sitting around watching TV and eating Mexican food, Deadpool got bored. While he was healing from shooting himself in the head, Deadpool had an epiphany – he was going to become a pirate.

He bought a ship, some pirate clothes, had Bob dress like a giant parrot and sailed away. The duo, along with their blind guide, fight real pirates and stop them before they can cause any damage. Deadpool also buys a gold gun that shoots diamond bullets, which he calls "The Compensator."

7. Deadpool's Loin Cloth Adventure

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Cable And Deadpool #49: Sabertooth Serenade (2004)

Written by: Fabian Nicieza

It doesn't even matter why Deadpool is in the Savage Land, just know that he was sent to retrieve an item and he brought along his cowardly friends, Weasel and Bob. This book is full of dinosaurs, weird Savage Land mutates, people in loin cloths and multiple loin cloth jokes. Deadpool is called a strategic genius, and let's just say that Weasel will never look at a stegosaurus the same way ever again.

8. Pimpin' Ain't Easy!

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Issue: Deadpool #13-#14 (2012)

Writer: Daniel Way

It's hard to take this story serious when the opening line is,

"Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you...And it's dressed like a pimp"

Before the second (and final) issue, Deadpool teams up with Luke Cage and Danny Rand in the '70s to help him defeat a pimp called The White Man – and by team-up, I mean he pretty much annoyed Luke and Danny and helped save the day in a very Deadpool-like way by turning him into stone with his own pimp cane.

In the present, The White Man comes back to life and goes after Luke, Danny, and Deadpool. The White Man is beaten up by Danny Rand's karate class, turned to stone once again, and dropped in the ocean. This is also the series where Deadpool ended up fathering a child with an attractive woman. However, when she saw his real appearance beneath the mask, she barfed.

I highly recommend reading these larger-than-life stories, especially if you're eagerly anticipating Deadpool 2 and need to get your daily dose of the Merc with a Mouth before the film's 2018 release.

What is your favorite Deadpool moment? Let me know in the comments below.


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