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Now, superhero movies haven't had the best time at the in recent years (or, indeed, ever), with few awards or nominations coming their way, and most of those coming in the so-called smaller technical categories. The idea of a superhero-centric movie actually being nominated for Best Picture, for instance, seems as far away as ever, despite the noticeable uptick in quality over the past decade.

One man, though, is determined to do something about that particular inequity. One man, alone, is about to take a stand. One man, standing strong, being the best he can...wait, Deadpool? Yup, that's right...

Deadpool's Oscar Campaign Has Now Begun, And That Is Indeed Actually A Thing Now


Now, sure, 's Deadpool may have been a foul-mouthed, R-Rated, laugh-a-minute gore-fest with a sensibility near-perfectly designed to alienate the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' typically old, cranky and painfully white voters, but that hasn't stopped the folks behind the film from launching an unlikely Oscars campaign. After all, the reasoning seems to go, no-one thought Deadpool would be the breakout hit of the year, so why shouldn't Wade Wilson have a crack at the Oscars, too?

The strangest part of all of this, though? The letter that Deadpool star just sent out to a bunch of voting-type folks is — once it stops being mildly in the voice of Deadpool himself — actually incredibly sweet:

As Reynolds put it, in full:

Apologies in advance for the simple letter. I was informed by 20th Century Fox that I'm not allowed to present you with freshly pitted Greek olives, locally purchased deli meats and low-grade Canadian elk jerky. I can offer you complimentary backstage passes to my heart, along with my sincerest thanks for supporting our 'Deadpool' film this year.

As you may know, 'Deadpool' was a labor of intense passion and love for me, spanning the better part of a decade. Actually, it was the worst part of a decade because nobody would make the film. Despite countless roadblocks, the incredible team of Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Tim Miller and I continued onward until somebody at Fox accidentally said 'Yes' thinking we were a 'Maze Runner' spin-off.

So with limited resources, and a budget which would barely cover the cocaine costs on most studio films, we were given an opportunity to collectively take 'Deadpool' out of the shadows and into the world. Throughout mind-bending setbacks, an anemic budget, and an entire year without sleep, 'Deadpool' emerged from a 5th tier Marvel character to a pop culture phenomenon... and then onward from there, becoming the highest-grossing Rated R film in history.

I'm so immensely proud of our team from the Location PAs all the way to Emma Watts, Jim Gianopulos, and Stacey Snider. They helped us introduce a true game-changer to the genre. Audience and critics alike were ready to embrace something new, disruptive, and authentic. Thank you for helping this character of Wade W. Wilson /Deadpool reach the farthest corners of the world. Thank you for helping me see a decade-long dream explode into living color.

Once in a while the long game pays off and reminds me that in this industry, truly, anything can happen.

Which, of course, has the distinct advantage of being two key things: 1) absolutely adorable, and 2) very much not a request to vote for Deadpool for any sort of Oscars race. Subtle and sweet, then? It's almost as though Reynolds has learned nothing from Donald Trumps's new playbook, "The Art Of Improbable Electoral Victory," at all.

Here's hoping it works out for him — or at least some of Deadpool's technical team — all the same, though...

Still want more on Deadpool's future, and its upcoming sequel? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Does Deadpool really have a chance of being nominated for (or even winning) an Oscar? Let us know below!



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