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Remember when Ben Affleck set the internet alight earlier this week by posting a grainy, blurry video of test-footage featuring the one, the only, the formidable DC Universe villain Deathstroke/Slade Wilson? And then it was confirmed via The Wrap that the orange-and-black baddie would be the main antagonist in Affleck's solo Batman movie — which does not yet have a confirmed release date — and DC fans the world over got very excited indeed.

Deathstroke in the DCEU test footage [Warner/DC]
Deathstroke in the DCEU test footage [Warner/DC]

A long standing villain in the DC TV show Arrow (portrayed by Manu Bennett) Deathstroke is yet to make his on-screen appearance as part of the DC Extended Universe — though he was considered to be included in Suicide Squad early on in the movie's development. And so the main question now: Who is playing the world's greatest mercenary?

Spider-Man and True Blood actor Joe Manganiello is the long-rumored and hot favorite right now — and there's plenty of evidence pointing toward his involvement in the franchise, with fan art to match.

But another contender has just been thrown into the ring, and he's a name that will be very familiar to anyone with a passing familiarity to comic books and comic book movies. It is of course Ron Perlman — star of the Hellboy franchise and professional Twitter flame-fanner.

Perlman's name has been bandied about in relation to the DCEU before, with the heavyweight actor touted as perfect casting for Swamp Thing in Dark Universe, as well as being eyed by fans to play Cable on the Fox/Marvel side of the pond.

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But back to Deathstroke. A fan-made video by Twitterer @Mister_Batfleck, picked up by Perlman's account yesterday, mashes up the man himself with the newly released Deathstroke test footage. The results are... eerily amazing.

Along with the video, Perlman tweeted:

"I rest Mr BatFleck's case."

And he's not wrong. It might not come as that much of a surprise to see how well suited his dialogue is to this test footage though, as it's lifted directly from an episode of the animated Teen Titans, in which Perlman voices — yep — Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke.

It's a chilling monologue delivered to a hallucinating Robin during a battle in Teen Titans Season 3, Episode "Haunted." Check out the original clip below to see just how well Perlman carries off the gravitas of Deathstroke.

And that's just in animated form, imagine what the real deal would be like. Someone get Geoff Johns on the phone.

Who do you want to play Deathstroke in the DCEU? Do you think Ron Perlman is a good fit for the role? Have your say in the comments below!

Who's behind that mask...? [Warner/DC]
Who's behind that mask...? [Warner/DC]

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