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It's been a few days since we've seen the amazing "Tactical Suit" photo of Batman, director Zack Snyder dropped from the approaching film, Justice League. We've all pondered over it for a few days, but now let's try to find out what exactly is happening in it.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Ben Affleck announced Deathstroke as the villain in the upcoming Batman solo, with a possible cameo in Justice League? Well, the photo Snyder released was a part of something in the film, and that something could be a scene with Deathstroke.

From what's shown in the video, he steps forward from what looks to be the back of an aircraft bay. His suit and presence in the DCEU was the attention stealer, so don't fault yourself, but if you pay close attention to the background you would see it's similar to the place in Batman's photo. Which leaves us with a few questions to ask.

Are They In The Same Place?

This could all be a stretch, but the structure and lights along the wall looks to be the same in both, the footage and the photo. The only difference is the lighting and the vehicle. In Deathstroke's clip, the vehicle behind him looks normal, while in Batman's photo his Batmobile is in its place. If you haven't noticed before, this is the lighting:

Now if they are in the same aircraft bay, who does it belong to? Could they be in the Flying Fox hangar — the base Justice League operates in? If the deadly assassin is on their aircraft, then he's certainly there for a cameo in the film. That would mean the League will have another issue to deal with besides Steppenwolf.

Will Deathstroke Enter With A Fight?

Although the video is said to be test footage, why would they test the assassin in such an important place as the Flying Fox? That's if it is the team's base. If it's not, why would Batman go to the same place as Slade Wilson? Is he searching for him or vice versa? For all we know, Deathstroke could be infiltrating the aircraft searching for something, or he could be looking for a fight.

One thing is for sure, there's some damage around Batman as you can tell from the electricity falling from the ceiling, which could mean he has made his way inside the place or is just arriving to the damage Deathstroke could have left behind.

Will He Be In Justice League?

Ever since Affleck dropped the photo, we were left without knowledge on why Deathstroke is there or if he will be in Justice League. Many believe he will make a cameo sooner in the team-up film before appearing in the solo. That seems more logical since Affleck was allowed to show test footage and because the solo project he's helming hasn't even started filming yet.

Here's why he seems more than likely to arrive in 2017. First, Joe Manganiello followed a few members of the Justice League project on Twitter. He then traveled to London before the announcement of his role.

Before the recent news broke, there was the casting of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon in both the Justice League and in Batman's solo project. After we found out Deathstroke will be in the latter, what would prevent him from being in next year's film as well? He's been shown now for a reason, just like Commissioner Gordon was. Then again, these are just theories.

Either we will see a full-scale cameo of Deathstroke possibly battling against the Dark Knight next year, or we'll have to wait until Batman's solo feature arrive. Let's just hope they continue to treat us with photos and videos (see below) while we wait until Justice League arrives on November 17, 2017.

Do You Think Deathstroke Will Appear Sooner Or Later?


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