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Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's death certificates have been released, revealing an official cause of death for Reynolds and more testing to be done to determine the cause of Fisher's cardiac arrest.

Bright Lights [Credit: Credit: HBO]
Bright Lights [Credit: Credit: HBO]

Reynold's death certificate, obtained by TMZ, states that she died of an intracerebral haemorrhage— a type of stroke. This means that she suffered bleeding to her brain due to a ruptured blood vessel.

Carrie Fisher's cause of death, however, is still unclear. The official cause is listed as "cardiac arrest/deferred", meaning more testing is yet to come to determine what triggered the heart attack during her flight to LA, which led to her death four days later.

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A Close Duo

Bright Lights, a recently released HBO documentary on Fisher and her "best friend", reveals that the pair were very close, and lived right next door to each other. The two shared an intrinsic connection that exceeded the bond between mother and daughter, with Fisher stating, "far more than I ever would want to, I know what my mother feels and wants".

Despite her high spirits and determined will, 84-year-old Reynolds did appear quite frail in the documentary, a fact that didn't pass Fisher by:

"I'm concerned because my mother is not feeling well".

Reynolds passed away just one day after her daughter, stating just 15 minutes before her fatal stroke: "I want to be with Carrie".

In classic Carrie style, some of Fisher's ashes were buried alongside her mother's remains— in a Prozac-shaped urn.

Take a look at Fisher and Reynold's incredible friendship in the trailer for Bright Lights:

(Source: People, TMZ)


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