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At 81-years-old, it seems iconic Hollywood actress has reached the age where you look back and take stock of your life. The Singin' In The Rain star decided if she could live her life again, she'd do one thing differently: Have more sex.

Reynolds told The Mirror:

I wish I had enjoyed more sex. I have only ever slept with my three husbands and one friend — and he was my one and only good lover.

The legendary actress also revealed she wasn't very experienced when it came to men. She explained:

I was stupid and innocent. I was raised to think that if you behaved badly with men, you went to hell. I realize now it is puritanical and not very adult.

Reynolds seems to think it was this inexperience that led her first husband, singer Eddie Fisher, to move onto her best friend, . In fact, Reynolds seems to find an analogous situation with one of Hollywood's more recent love triangles:

I stood no chance against her. I was just like Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt when he fell in love with Angelina Jolie. If Angelina wants someone, then that is that. Certain women have that power. What chance did I have against Elizabeth, a woman of great womanly experience, when I had no experience at all?

Reynolds went on to marry two more times, but explained her future husbands were only interested in her money. Luckily, she is able to take some solace in her long and prestigious career:

So I have had a wonderful career but such very bad luck with men.

Even at 81, Reynolds doesn't show many signs of slowing down, she's just appeared as Liberace's mother in 's Behind the Candelabra.


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