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The good news? A sequel to 1999's Deep Blue Sea is officially on! The bad news? There won't be any frickin' laser beams attached to sharks' heads.

Coming from the SyFy channel — the same guys who brought us and its never-ending supply of sequels — Deep Blue Sea 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the movie that will forever be known as the one where Samuel L. Jackson got eaten by a shark.

Here's what we know so far:

Deep Blue Sea 2 Won't Swim Into Theaters

Seeing how SyFy will be bringing us the sequel, it'll be a direct-to-TV movie. It should still be at least somewhat entertaining, seeing how surprisingly well Sharknado did. (Syfy has snagged the rights to Lake Placid as well, so expect to see more water monsters appearing on our favorite “science fiction” channel.)

It's Already Filming

Production is already underway in Cape Town, with director Darin Scott (Dark House, House Party: Tonight’s The Night) attached, taking over for Renny Harlin.

Michael Beach Is In It

'The 100' [Credit: The CW]
'The 100' [Credit: The CW]

How about that? A name with a built-in shark pun!

Beach got his start in Hollywood in 1986, and he'll be appearing in next year's Aquaman. His most recent well-known roles are Charles Pike from The 100 and T.O. Cross in Sons of Anarchy. Whom he'll play in is a mystery, but IMDB describes the film's main character thusly: “A doctor named Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon escape to cause havoc for a group of marine biologists.”

None Of The Original Cast Is Back

Saving the worst part for last, it's not world-ending, but it's still not great. According to Moviehole, none of the original cast is planning on appearing as of now. So no Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, or...oh, yeah. Everyone else died. Even the parrot.

Of course, a surprise cameo by Jane or Cool J could happen, seeing as how quite a few people loved Deep Blue Sea in all of its sub-par CGI awesomeness.


How stoked are you to see the sequel, even if it is going straight to TV?

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