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has been producing many quality original series these past couple of years and their popularity has increased with every new release. Perhaps some of their best pieces of work are the original series, which consists of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage with Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher in development. These Marvel/Netflix shows are known for their dark and realistic and vigilantes.

One of the neat parts of the Marvel Netflix shows are that they take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there have been some references to characters and events from the movies, there hasn't been much crossover. Many Marvel fans have debated whether or not the Defenders should cross over to the movies, specifically Avengers: Infinity War.

Should The Defenders Appear In The Avengers Movies?

It is no secret that most Marvel movie fans desperately want an Avengers-Defenders crossover featured on the big screen. There would be a whole list of benefits for Marvel if this happened. First of all, it would be a huge accomplishment if Marvel managed to pull it off. It was one thing for Marvel Studios to connect all their properties featured in five movies over four years to make The Avengers back in 2012. However, for Marvel to make Infinity Wars and incorporate a TV property into the mix, it would be mind blowing.

While it would be amazing to see the Defenders converse and fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes in what might be the biggest blockbuster in cinematic history, it would be almost impossible for even Marvel to pull this off. In no way, shape, or form am I insulting Marvel's potential as if anyone would pull this massive crossover off, it would be them. However, even Marvel realizes that this is too big of a task to pull of and as a result, every time a member of Marvel is asked whether or not the Defenders will show up in Avengers: Infinity War, they treat the topic implausibly.

Avengers: Infinity War + The Defenders = Another Over-Crowded Superhero Movie

One of the biggest compliments given to Marvel Studios for Captain America: Civil War was how well they balanced the dozens of characters inserted into the film. Almost every character had a perfect amount of screen time. Balancing screen times amongst characters in comic book movies has been a major problem in the industry for a while.

For example, both Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had multiple villains on top of the various storylines the film was trying to present and in the end, the final product came out very incoherent and muddled. You could even point fingers to this year's other potential top contender for the best superhero blockbuster of the year: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Unfortunately, this DC movie came nowhere close for stealing the top spot this year as it actually managed to be one of the worst comic book movies of 2016. One of the main reasons why the movie did not succeed from a critical standpoint was due to the amount of characters the film tried to juggle and in the end, along with the uneven writing, Batman v Superman fell behind its expectations. Crazily enough, Warner Bros. actually considered including The Joker and The Riddler on top of the dozen main characters the film was already exploring.

Going back to Marvel, it is confirmed that there will be around 66-68 characters featured in Avengers: Infinity War. It is likely that Marvel did not include the Defenders in that number when they put it out to the world months ago as they are still uncertain on their appearance. Therefore, there would be 70 plus characters in the movie and that would be impossible for even Marvel to juggle.

The Defenders would most likely stay on Earth along with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help fight off Thanos' minions and they would have no more than a couple of minutes of screen time. In reality, the Defenders would feel out of place in a big Avengers movie such as Infinity War — and there's a reason this team-up wouldn't feel natural.

The Avengers And The Defenders Stay Separate In The Comics

The reason why an Avengers-Defenders crossover just doesn't feel right is because it never happened in the comics — and it's for a very similar reason it doesn't happen in the MCU. The Avengers are usually battling against threats that not only threaten the safety of the world but the entire universe. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is trying to destroy the entire universe itself in order to impress Lady Death. This is probably the worst time the Defenders could ever decide to team up with the Avengers.

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The Defenders, much like Spider-Man, are street-level heroes that battle against smaller threats like gangs and mob lords. Spider-Man was an exception to this and eventually became more powerful and joined with the Avengers much later on in his comic book career. On the other hand, the Defenders have always stayed on the streets (for the most part) and that is where they belong.

Not only is the scale of the Avengers vastly different from the Defenders but their tone, especially in the MCU, is almost opposite of each other. While the Avengers are a light-hearted team that drop jokes during fight scenes, the Defenders are almost as dark and gloomy than the DCEU! While it would be intriguing to see the two tones collide, in the end (from a theatrical standpoint), this would likely end up not working on the big screen.

The Defenders Should Not Crossover With Earth's Mightiest Heroes

All in all, I truly believe that the Defenders should stay separate from the movie entities and remain fighting strong on the streets of New York while Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers go and fight the bigger battles. From an impossible task juggling too many characters, to colliding tones and staying true to the comic lore, this absurd crossover is almost illogical and is way too big of a risk — even for a studio like Marvel.

These are only the main issues that don't even dive into some other minor problems like a halt on production of the Netflix shows, the exclusion of some great characters (because they can't bring everyone), and the "calling for backup" problem. For example, if Daredevil and the Hulk became best buds, what's stopping Murdock from calling Banner to pound the shit out of Kingpin when he begins to get out of hand? Even though this crossover could potentially be fantastic, I truly believe it would have a negative effect moving forward.


If the Defenders can't crossover, who would you like to see show up in future Avengers movies?

What do you guys think? Do you believe the Defenders should crossover? Tell me below!


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