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After a brief but explosive romance, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) went their separate ways after the first season of Jessica Jones. In his title show, Luke has moved on to a relationship with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson).

But there is no doubt that Luke and Jessica had — and still have — major chemistry. With The Defenders bringing them back together to fight The Hand in Netflix's miniseries, debuting on August 18th, is a love triangle about to happen?

In the comics, and are married with children, and though Marvel's television shows don't adhere to comic book canon, it's clear from a discussion with Mike Colter at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 that there's still a connection between the characters:

"The flame is not out, let’s be honest. This is one of those things where there’s a lot of fighting, we have to save New York City, I have to sort this thing out with Danny Rand. We have a lot of stuff going on. I think there’s some progress, I think we make some strides but this is a long form television series that, you know, we could go there now, but then where do we have to go? It takes time. If anyone’s ever seen an episode of Naked and Afraid, it’s weird. They’re naked and they’re afraid. They’re naked, but they’re also afraid."

The reference to Naked and Afraid might have gotten fans excited — but when Iron Fist actor Finn Jones asked Colter for further clarification, Colter deflected:

"Well, because the nudity is something but the fear supersedes the nudity. So even if you were with someone, like Jessica and I, you’re never really thinking about that because there’s too much danger."

Production stills of The Defenders show that Luke's relationship with Claire is still going strong, but this is the first time Luke has really connected with Jessica again since their break-up. Though Jessica killed Luke's wife, Reva, it was while she was being controlled by Kilgrave, and Luke experienced that control himself when Kilgrave set him against Jessica. So is it possible Luke could forgive Jessica? If so, it's bound to cause some trouble between Claire and Luke.

Colter was a little more coy when he spoke at The Defenders' panel at Comicpalooza:

“I can tease you that there may or may not be something between them. I mean, it’s great. You get to see Luke and Jessica together again on screen. Hopefully you’ll all be satisfied seeing how it moves to another storyline.”

So the heat is still on between Luke and Jessica — but, right now, it's more of an emotional simmer. We'll have to wait until August 18th to find out if the two characters will reunite in a more physical way in The Defenders.

Do you hope Luke Cage and Jessica Jones become a couple again?

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