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Ever since Marvel's The Avengers arrived, DC fans have been asking themselves, "How much longer is it going to be until we can get some of that?" We still have two years until Justice League Part One, DC's own gang of unionized superheroes. And, just as Marvel also has Guardians of the Galaxy up its sleeve, we've also known for quite some time that DC has planned to release a "dark Justice League" movie, previously called Heaven Sent. If bombastic Boy Scout do-gooders in brightly colored spandex ain't your thing, then this DC offering -- now called Dark Universe -- is a more brooding alternative. What's more, director has finally released some seriously tantalizing information.

According to Dark Horizons, del Toro spoke at WonderCon saying that he had already penned an outline for Dark Universe and had hired a mystery co-writer to turn this outline into a full-blown script. Although this news isn't completely new and his writing compardre is still under wraps, he was willing to divulge a few key tidbits about the story.

Dark Universe will deliver the usual superhero team experience but with a more shadowy, supernatural tone. The "heroes" themselves are not your common garden-variety crime fighters, but more in the ballpark of supernatural anti-heroes with their own troubled pasts and moral ambiguities. The team will be led by John Constantine (from the Hellblazer comics) and will also feature Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, The Spectre and Zatanna.

In true team assembling fashion, the movie will start with Constantine trying to recruit his band of mystical misfits. Previously del Toro has acknowledged the importance of origin stories, although it seems he'll be approaching them a little differently. Instead of dumping all the background tales on you straight away, del Toro has decided to tell them scattered throughout the film; while one character is having a quiet time of it, another might still be seeking revenge.

The story itself will apparently deal with Jason Blood's history with his half-brother Merlin (who in the comic binds him with Etrigan, making him immortal) and King Arthur's Knights and will most likely bring him into the modern world.

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