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Alisha Grauso

Life just keeps getting better and better for writer Lucy Alibar, whom Indiwire reports has just been tapped to pen the screenplay of an upcoming adaptation of The Secret Garden, to be produced by the visionary alongside .

The script of the much-beloved and often-adapted children's book appears to be in good hands with Alibar, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for her excellent and poignant script for Beasts of the Southern Wild. Alibar was specifically chosen by Del Toro and Johnson because of her unmistakable and highly creative voice. It also doesn't hurt that this new adaptation is also set in the American South, a geographic location with which Alibar is already familiar.

The film is underneath the Universal umbrella, and while development is still in its infancy, it already appears to be on the right track. With Del Toro in the producer's chair and Alibar wielding the pen, we can only assume it will have Del Toro's distinct vision while fully respecting the original book.


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