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Karly Rayner

Randall from might be one of the most terrifying monsters in the closet that children have been subjected to, but he has serious competition in this bizarre lizard who looks more like a villain than, well, a Pixar .

The creepy creature was uploaded to Reddit by KevlarYarmulke under the apt image name "Dark Gecko," but sadly it's real species name is not quite as darkly fitting. Introducing the giant leaf-tailed gecko:

Those soul-boring eyes! *shudders*

As if that's not unsettling enough, this dark creature (it has a subspecies called the satanic leaf-tailed gecko to further prove its allegiances) can also unhinge it's mouth like some unholy, fleshy trap-door.


If this ghastly gecko wasn't part of the mood board to help bring Randall or Dreamworks's Toothless to life, I'd be very surprised. Just look at those feet and eyes and tell me you don't feel a similar aura.

Which outlandish creature would you cast as the villain in a Pixar movie?


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