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David Latona

At a press conference in Mexico this past October 12th, was looking pretty awesome in a black leather jacket, tight leggins, lots of huge, gold chains and a fitting blue-dyed hair. Asked about her appearance, the 21-year-old singer responded:

I wear a lot of leather, a lot of black. I like to describe it as rocker chic- sophisticated and glamorous in my own way.

While she clearly puts her own touches into this look, she does confess that there are some influences:

My style icons - I love , I think she has incredible style. I also love Kate Moss.

Well, there you have it! It's pretty clear now that KStew is a fashion icon not just among prepubescent vampire-fantasizing teenagers, but also among young celebs like Demi. Good for both of 'em.

Watch the rest of the press conference below:



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