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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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A friendship forged in the loving white gloves of Mickey Mouse which was hit by a wrecking ball and ended in a dramatic Twitter-feud has now taken a new gripping turn. While most Americans celebrate Labor Day watching the parades and having some good old fashioned family-friendly-fun, Demi Lovato decided it was the perfect day to throw some new shade at ex-BFF, Miley Cyrus.

Visiting NYC tattoo artist Bang Bang, who recently inked Rihanna’s camouflaged shark tattoo on her ankle in an ode to her lover Drake, Demi didn’t get just one, but two new tats, taking to Twitter to say:

Kicking things off everything looked pretty shade-free, Demi got a second black rose inked on her left arm below her existing ’stay strong’ wrist tattoos:

She then fooled us all by channeling Bambi and making her inking-experience seem entirely innocent:

But then she revealed her second tattoo — a dreamcatcher with the words ‘you make me beautiful’ written across the middle — exactly mirroring Miley Cyrus’s dreamcatcher tattoo which also happens to be down the right hand side of her rib cage:

And here's Miley's (original) version of the tattoo:

Miley uploaded this tattoo-exposing throwback photo to when she hosted the VMA's to her Instagram account only a few days before Demi decided to get one inked too. Coincidence? I think not.

While Miley’s tattoo is inspired by her family with each feather representing one of her siblings, it’s currently unclear who the ‘you’ Demi is referring to in her tattoo is, although we highly doubt it’s her former Disney Channel BFF. The question is, why would Demi do this?

Maybe she wanted to one-up Miley’s dreamcatcher by getting it inked by Bang Bang and adding text to the design, or perhaps she just wanted to provoke the wild wrecking ball into a fresh feud, or maybe Miley’s just got so many tattoos now it’s difficult not to imitate her.

Strangely enough however, by getting a matching dreamcatcher tattoo, Demi now follows a great Smiler tradition — with legions of Miley's fans also imitating her tat to prove their dedication to her:

So does this actually make Demi a Smiler? Whatever the reason, the world now waits with baited breath to see how Miley will respond to Demi’s copy-cat tattoo, but one things for certain, Demi has guaranteed that this feud has enough shade to last for a inked-up lifetime.

Who wears the dreamcatcher tattoo better - Demi or Miley?


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