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may still own all of the condiments from beyond the grave and will always be the king of the perfect lean, mean, fat reducing grill, but temporary movie tie-ins at restaurants have always been my favorite industry crossover.

I've already talked about how much I enjoyed Wolverine's commitment to Pizza Hut, but I think this new bit of grub might be even better. Long story short: Denny's is now serving The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug-inspired food. That's right. If you've ever salivated over the thought of a Middle-earth diner that serves delicacies like Bilbo's Breakfast Feast (honey cake French toast drizzled in genuine honey), Smaug's Fire Burger (a hamburger with a bun smothered in cheddar), or a Hobbit Hole Breakfast (Fried eggs in a cheddar bun, among other things), then think of the food as being your ultimate Precious.

Denny's has gone the extra mile to convince you that you're in Middle-earth or New Zealand by decorating each placemat with images from the film and concept art. Take a look at the menu here:

Bon appétit, Hobbit fans! Let me know on Twitter what you're most excited to eat

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